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Mr. & Mrs. Charles
oice. And Casey says the same thing. Then they both say it's what the other one wants. Morgan asks Chuck to make sure it's what Sarah wants first. Casey tells them to go now before the other Interpol team gets here. They're both like, "Right now?" Arnaldo wants them all to have cake together first. The real bad guy (the fake Canadian) leaves the coffee shop. They all say goodbye, and we're supposed to be sad, but -- DUH! -- we all know this is a fake-out, so it's sort of hard to care. The Charleses leave, with one sad look back.

Turtlenecked Jeffster! (Jeff's even wearing round glasses) sings Leaving on a Jet Plane, as Ellie drinks and drinks, trying to pretend she doesn't care. Awesome videos it all. Back-and-forth shots of the sad party song and Chuck and Sarah walk and talk about how weird this will be. He's never lived outside of California, but she's lived all over the world and only ever felt at home in Burbank. When Jeffster! finishes their song, they invite Ellie and Awesome up for a few words. Later, at the coffeeshop, some agents show up to get Arnaldo from Morgan and Casey. Morgan introduces himself as "M. Grimes," saying he can't tell them what the "m" stands for. He asks them where they're stationed, and they say Lake Cuomo, so he asks a bunch of stuff about it, having read his guide book, and they don't know anything about the place. In other words, Morgan's geekiness catches them in a lie. They're not the agents, of course. Casey draws his gun, but then a bunch of others surround them with their own guns. Morgan sees the hottie, and says, "O, Canada."

Chuck and Sarah are still all melancholy about running away, but then he asks if it's what she really wants. She says she thought it was one way or the other, but maybe... Then the Interpol agents who they knocked out point guns and ask what the hell they've done with Juan Diego Arnaldo. Aaaaand they're handcuffed together again. Interpol guys fill Chuck and Sarah in that the other Interpol agents sent to retrieve Arnaldo were found dead. Sarah and Chuck worry about Morgan and Casey, and try to convince the guys that their friends are in trouble. The Interpol guys don't listen, so Chuck and Sarah punch them and start to run. Meanwhile, fake Canadian hottie is torturing Arnaldo to find out what he's told them. Morgan wants to send out a signal to the CIA to alert them, but Casey says the only agents within 100 miles just quit.

Cue our agents: Chuck drives up with Sarah on the front of his scooter and they see Casey and Morgan. They drive on through the glass storefront, and Chuck kung-fu flashes. He and Sarah work together to kick all the bad guys' (and girl's) asses. It's practically like dancing and is pretty awesome. Chuck can't hit a girl, so Sarah takes that one. And Morgan and Casey do a little tied-up spin move to take an agent out too. When they've won, Sarah and Chuck say they're going to catch their train when Juan Diego tells them he's been on the run and he can tell they don't really want that. Chuck and Sarah wonder if they can go back and tell General Redhead everything, and have a real shot at having it all. They agree not to quit the spy life and be together, with more "I do"s. Then they kiss. Morgan loves it, but Casey practically gags.

Castle. General Redhead congratulates Casey on his success getting the Basque terrorists. He thanks her, and then credits Morgan with being quite helpful. She says an unlikely pair often produces successful results. She dismisses them both, but Morgan steps forward to make a plea for Chuck and Sarah. He doesn't make it far before she orders Casey to get him out of here. She asks Chuck and Sarah to explain, and they both take the fall for the other one. She asks if they both think she's an idiot. They don't, so she says not to lie. So Chuck grabs Sarah's hand and starts to tell her about them, but she says she doesn't want to know all the details. He says she wanted them to be honest, and they want to be, but she says, "No!" Sarah says, "General, Chuck and I are dating. Exclusively." She rolls her eyes, as Chuck and Sarah look at each other and beam. She cautions them that allowing their private life to interfere with their professional life can be dangerous. "But, off the record, it's about damn time." She speaks for all of us when she says that. They start to kiss, and Chuck sees Ellie's apartment door. He says he forgot she was leaving, and takes off.

When he shows up, there's no one there, but the DVD Awesome recorded at the going-away party is. He watches it, and it's a very drunk Ellie slurring that she never has asked Chuck for anything, and all she wanted was a chance to tell him goodbye, but he couldn't give her that. She walks in while he's watching it, and says she forgot her phone. She thinks she's still a little drunk. He apologizes for not being here, but she says it's okay; he missed one party. The truth is, she's upset with herself for leaving her little brother. He assures her he's not so little anymore. She hugs him and they both cry. Sarah walks up, and Chuck tells her she should know she's not leaving him alone. Ellie glows and asks if they're back together. Chuck: "We're together." Sarah smiles.

Later, in his room, Chuck thinks he's found the right song on his record player, and says it will be Sarah's favorite song. Nina Simone starts singing "Feeling Good", and Sarah likes it. Chuck says that's a good start as Ms. Simone starts in with "It's a new dawn / It's a new day / It's a new life for me." They lay down on the bed, side by side, and smile. "And I'm feeling good." They look at each other and smile, then she rolls over and they cuddle. Then he pushes the hair out of her eyes and they kiss. And I am the least romantic person in the world, but that is awesome. So much better, I think, than the sex at the end of that last episode. Because this means more.

Next week: Chuck asks Sarah to move in. Swoosie Kurtz and Fred Willard show up to teach them a thing or two. But Sarah and Chuck get them back. And there's a tiger.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, thinks the spy plot was pretty lame this episode, but the character stuff was wonderful. You can contact her at

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