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Chuck Versus The Imported Hard Salami

Casey and Sarah arrive back at the warehouse; as people break down the crate, they note that whomever the package was meant for didn't want Yari to talk. They then learn that the timer was actually measuring an oxygen supply.

Chuck calls Sarah, and the rest of the episode is his call intertwined with Sarah and Casey watching the pod get opened. Chuck asks Sarah out on a date, with no chaperones -- just them. But it's not going to be just them for a while, it seems, as the pod contains -- Bryce. Casey: "Didn't I kill him?" Hee. Bryce takes a breath, and as Sarah looks fearful and blown away, Chuck happily says they could go to Sbarro and check out the Morgan pizza. One more shot of Sarah looking floored, and then Chuck signs off with an atypically smoothly-delivered "Bye." Oh, man, next week is going to be awesome!

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