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Chuck Versus The Imported Hard Salami

Lou shows up at the Buy More with the sandwich and is intercepted by Morgan, who introduces himself as Chuck's best friend and "soulmate." Minus a million points for using that Dawson's Creek staple, Morgan, but I'll suspend that sentence, because the sandworm costume did show that the general sentiment is true. Chuck appears, and Morgan steals the sandwich and goes away, which seems like a more-than-fair trade for which Lou's stock just keeps rising. Lou mentions the run-in with Sarah, and Chuck offers that she's a little "overprotective." Just as well Lou get used to that idea before she meets Ellie. Chuck then suggests they go to Club Ares that night, as he's sure Stavros will find out about him at some point, so they might as well get it over with. Lou praises him for being charming, handsome, and brave, a combination she's not used to. Chuck: "Yeah, it's a for me too." Come on, Chuck, it's Episode Nine already. Own your slightly-less-geeky status already!

Pre-date, Chuck is looking in the mirror and lamenting the fact that it's only their second date and he's already lying to Lou. Casey: "Relax. It's dating in L.A. Everyone lies." I wonder if that means he's telling chicks he's the assistant manager at Buy More. Sarah hands Chuck a microphone in the shape of an electric guitar that she says has a range of twenty feet, and she instructs him to keep it as close to Stavros as possible. You just had to make my mind go to the Pulp Fiction and old watches place, didn't you, Sarah? Chuck protests that he can't wear the thing, as it looks ridiculous. Casey: "The alternative is that we join you on your date." Microphone it is, then! Chuck gets ready to go, but Casey hands him a rose, which Chuck thinks is another piece of spyware. Casey: "No, idiot. It's so you can get laid." Chuck looks like the Intersect suddenly needs rebooting.

At Club Ares, Lou kisses the bouncer en route to bypassing the huge line; inside, Chuck babbles about how he's totally into the club scene and comes here all the time, only to learn that Lou didn't hear a word because of the loud music. Your eardrums may suffer tomorrow, Chuck, but I think that was worth the price. Lou then starts to drag Chuck to the dance floor, but they run into Stavros; he casts an appraising eye over Chuck before complimenting his pin. "I'd have worn mine, but I lost it in the 80s!" Chuck: "Yeah, I...kept mine." Hee. Stavros is friendly enough, but Lou still tries to ditch him; when he offers to buy them a drink, though, Chuck, remembering the mission, agrees, to Lou's bemusement. They head to the VIP area, and I love Chuck so much, but I'm still sure all the scenesters are like, "That guy?"

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