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Chuck Versus The Imported Hard Salami

Outside, Lou gets in a cab and drives away, ignoring Chuck yelling to her; Casey and Sarah then pull up, and Sarah tells him the mission was accomplished. Chuck: "Is it me, or does our government never want me to have sex again?" Dude, if you find a way to get Proposition Get Chuck Laid on the ballot, I'll totally vote for it.

At Buy More, Chuck is hiding behind a shelf and leaving a rambling, apologetic message for Lou when Casey appears, causing Chuck to "buh-bye" the voicemail and then castigate himself for it. Heh. Casey compliments his fieldwork, and says he and Sarah are going to the dock at the appointed time. Chuck asks if they need him, and Casey's like, sure: "If the crap hits the fan, we could use you, Chicken Neck." Hee. Casey leaves and is replaced by Morgan, who babbles some Neanderthal crap about Anna before seeing that Anna, Lester, and Jeff are pointing their way and giggling. Morgan goes running up and fake-laughs that they got him -- he tried to kiss Anna, and she dissed him. Unfortunately, as the more precocious among the newborn set might guess, they were actually laughing at Chuck for Lou dumping him after he dumped Sarah, which Anna opines is "kind of poetic." It does make me giggle to think that Casey is actually the biggest yenta in the break room, though. Jeff asks how Morgan could do that, as he has dibs on Anna. Anna: "I'm right here, you disgusting pig." I think we need her around a little more often.

Chuck is once again hiding while leaving a babbling message, this time about being an out-and-proud stalker, when Sarah appears, causing Chuck to hang up with a "buh-bye" again, which he immediately regrets, again. Hee. Sarah apologizes for the night before, and Chuck's pretty chill about it, all things considered. Sarah tells him she never felt like their time together was work (which: Aw!) and tells him Gerber daisies are Lou's favorite -- she used her CIA resources to research that little factoid (double aw!).

Sometime later, Chuck enters Lou's store with a bouquet of the flowers in question; unfortunately, the place is packed and she's pissed, so she tells him to take a number, which turns out to be forty-four, and they're only up to twenty-eight. Chuck sits down to wait.

The Federal agents, including the bomb squad, show up at the dock area and lock the place down. If it's anywhere close to four o'clock, Lou must really make the best sandwiches in town. They surround the crate in question.

Chuck's turn comes up, but it's a stereotypically surly middle-aged Italian guy who calls him. Chuck says he just wanted to talk to Lou, but Lou gives a slight shake of her head, which is all the guy needs to tell Chuck that he's going to have to take another number. Chuck does -- and it's ninety-six. He looks beleaguered, but Lou surreptitiously smiles, so she's not permanently pissed.

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