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Chuck Versus The Imported Hard Salami

In the TV room, Morgan is watching a documentary on lone wolves when Anna joins him, and it's getting past my bedtime, so let's just say that Anna points out that lone wolves are lonely, and then the two of them make out like nerds. Practice makes perfect, kids, and that won't be a problem for video-game addicts like yourselves.

Casey comes into Lou's store posing as an FDA agent and threatens to bust her for her connection to the Demetrios family, as they're wanted for smuggling guns. He says he'll let her off if she gives him the dock number where she's receiving her shipments from Stavros. I thought that was where they took the pictures, but maybe they changed the location after the crate raid? Whatever, it's late and I'm tired, so let's just say Lou folds like a tasty wrap sandwich. Casey starts to head out, but turns: "By the way, miss? Your pastrami's delicious." HEE. Adam Baldwin should put, like, this entire episode on his comedy reel.

Chuck and Sarah are tied up and at the mercy of Yari and his goons; Chuck tries to spin a cover story about the imported salami, but that's not going to stop Yari from using a power drill on Sarah. However, Chuck starts getting flashes from the goons, and it turns out they've been keeping secrets from each other. When Chuck blurts them all out, they turn their attention to each other to enough of a degree that Sarah is able to extract blades from hidden spots in her sleeve and shoe, and she gets to work on her bonds. Yari puts an end to the nonsense by killing one of the goons, and then someone else informs them that the package is there, and they've got five minutes before it's set to "expire." Chuck flashes on the guy's display, but it's a confusing jumble about which he ends up saying nothing initially. Yari blithely says they'll have to kill the prisoners, but Sarah is making progress on the ropes; also, Casey is at that moment approaching their position. Chuck blurts that he thinks there's a chemical bomb about to go off; then, as a goon dramatically points his gun at Sarah's head, she gets her legs free and boots him hard. She kicks Chuck, who's in a wheeled chair, away and out of the line of fire, and manages to get to cover herself before the shooting starts in earnest. Casey joins the firefight and yells that he'll hold them off while they go defuse the bomb.

Outside, Sarah tells Chuck to get as far away as possible, but he's not hearing that, probably because he's already defused a bomb once before. Of course, he doesn't have a laptop or a sexy virus available this time, but a good nerd can always improvise, right?

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