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Feeling Protective

Chuck and Casey are on some computers elsewhere, and Chuck figures out that Vivian's going to sell the Norseman, though he can't figure out where it is. Casey tells him they better get out of here "before your girls kill each other." Chuck hears that. Back at Mary's cell, though, Sarah's head is down as she pretends to be the real guard and lets Riley and Vivian into Mary's room. Riley tells Sarah there are to be no interruptions. Chuck and Casey head back toward Mary's cell. Chuck radios to tell Sarah that if Vivian turns up, she should keep her alive as they need to find out where the Norseman is. In the cell, Riley tells Mary he wants to see her dead and has been waiting for Vivian to be able to do it. He gives her the gun, but Mary tells her she knows she won't do it. Riley urges her on. And then Sarah comes in and pulls a gun on Riley and Vivian. Chuck comes in then and tells his mom it's time to go. Vivian can't believe the woman who betrayed her dad is the mother of the man who betrayed her. Except that she can. Chuck tells Vivian there's so much more she needs to know, but Vivian doesn't want to hear it. Casey says they should go before more guards come. They lock Vivian and Riley in Mary's cell and head out.

Back in Burbank, Sarah and Chuck are having a tense car ride. She's not saying anything, so he stammers that they should talk now that they're not on a long plane ride home with his mom. He says he was just trying to get them all out of the mine safely, and Sarah says she knows but it sometimes feels like Chuck will protect her from anything. "Except your mom." I love that they're having a typical spat about the in-laws even though they're, like, Super Spy Couple. Chuck acknowledges she's right, but says he can protect her, even from his mom. General Redhead buzzes Chuck's phone just then, calling them to Castle.

She's learned that Vivian's planning to auction off the Norseman in Moscow, and it's up to them to intercept it. Chuck wonders if no one else can do it, given that their rehearsal dinner is the next night. General Redhead says they don't have time to train a new team. "Oh, and thanks for the invite." Chuck stammers until General Redhead relieves him: "I'm not serious." Sarah wonders how any of them can get in since Vivian knows all of their faces. General Redhead asks Mary to explain the plan: An agent will impersonate a buyer, outbid the others, and walk out with the Norseman with no bloodshed. Chuck reminds them again about Vivian knowing all of their faces. General Redhead tells them that one of the men Vivian invited was just detained by Interpol. He's an Italian arms smuggler who looks coincidentally like Morgan. No one likes this idea, but General Redhead's not arguing; she shuts herself off.

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