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Feeling Protective

Cut to Morgan doing a terrible Italian accent. Casey hates this plan, but Mary says Morgan will be fine with Casey and Mary's backup. She tells Chuck and Sarah to stay here and get ready for the wedding, but Sarah says Mary's not taking them off their own mission. Chuck stands up to his mom and says they've been on Vivian for months. Mary points out that, in that time, she went from harmless co-ed to dangerous weapons dealer, which is why Mary had to get involved in the first place. "To fix your mistake, sweetheart." Sarah, indignant: "Our mistake?" Chuck changes the subject to tell Mary that Agent X is Alexei Volkoff, and Mary says she knows that but Chuck isn't supposed to, which is yet another mess she'll have to clean up. Sarah firmly says she and Chuck are going and Mary will be backup, but Mary disagrees. Chuck interjects that he agrees with Sarah and his mom stops, shocked. Sarah thanks Chuck, then Morgan cuts in to pull Chuck aside and tell him he's sorry he has to do this and can't do the video Chuck asked him to. But not to worry, as his top people are on it. Chuck looks as skeptical as he should.

Upstairs, in the Buy More screening room, Jeffster! is screening the video for Ellie and Awesome. It starts pretty cute, with sweet music and photos and footage of Chuck and Sarah being cute and cuddly. Then Lester comes onto the front of the Chuck and Sarah montage, with sweaty hair, a gray bodysuit, and a heart over his crotch. He says, "heart." "Pancreas." Spacey music kicks in, with weird close-ups and other Lesterisms. Awesome and Ellie are totally disturbed. She bolts up and tells Big Mike that she will need his clients' footage because she's taking it from here. Big Mike wonders about his ten percent; Awesome tells him that no one was ever paying. Big Mike: "What?! Then what have I been doing all day?"

Castle. Morgan tries out his still-terrible accent on Casey, who's not amused. He says he'd like Morgan to stay here and sell microwaves. Morgan doesn't get why Casey's been training him so hard and now doesn't want him to go. Casey says it's because of Alex, who's worried about him. He says he promised Alex he'd keep him safe and with a mission like this, things could go sideways, in which case he's broken a promise to his daughter. Morgan tells him that it's okay because "Nothing will go wrong." He's seen a lot of movies, though, so he immediately wonders why he just said that. Casey growls.

Volkoff Headquarters, Moscow. Casey and Mary are on the roof of a building scoping out the building where the meet is going to take place. They discuss how hard it can be to protect their idiot children. In a van down below, Morgan's nervous so Sarah and Chuck are giving him a pep talk. Chuck compliments his suit, "part Goldfinger, part Drax," which proves Morgan knows plenty about being a bad guy. They give him glasses with a camera in them and remind him Casey will be watching with a sniper rifle, and we all know how he loves to shoot things. Morgan's still nervous, so Chuck starts humming the Darth Vader music. Morgan starts in, too, and Sarah looks puzzled and amused. It pumps Morgan up enough, though, and he heads inside.

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