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Feeling Protective

Morgan enters the room of bad guys in time to hear one of them say, "This better not take long. I've already tried to kill three people at this table." Well, that's not very scary now, is it? I mean, tried and failed all three times? Morgan wants to seem just as badass, though, so he sits down at the table and pretends to talk on his cell phone: "You heard me the first time! Shoot the puppy! I'm so sick of feeding him. Kill the puppy. Ciao." He hangs up and tells the other bad guys how hard it is to find good henchmen these days. Sarah and Chuck detect the Norseman on its way in, and alert Casey. Vivian and Riley show up and explain how amazing the Norseman is. Vivian tells them all about it and says whoever ends up with this weapon that can kill people from halfway around the world, totally undetected, has an enormous advantage. And it's an advantage she intends to keep. She flips on the device and everyone at the table grabs their ears. Morgan just looks confused. Chuck realizes what's going on and tells Morgan via his earpiece that he has to die or they're going to kill him. Morgan covers his ears and throws himself to the ground.

As Morgan plays dead, Chuck tells him not to panic because they'll get him out of this. Casey assures Chuck that Vivian and Riley are in his sights and he'll take them out if he needs to. Vivian just looks sad about what she did, so Riley starts telling her how evil all these people were. He walks around the room and tells her what some of them have done. She stops him; she gets they're dangerous men. He says he's not trying to get her to be someone she's not; he's trying to get her to be who she needs to be. And, he says, she may get her chance because someone in this room is pretending to be dead. Chuck and Sarah look panicky, and Casey says he can't see Riley. They radio to Morgan not to move, but he keeps twitching a little bit. SO annoying. Riley asks if the faker is going to get up, and a different guy pops up. He says he's Sebastian Carlile. "Carl to my friends, which you are not." He has a gun, too, but makes some small talk about how clever he's been to track them since Munich. Riley uses the opportunity to shoot him. Riley apologizes to Vivian, and assures her the next murder is hers to try. They head out, and Casey tells Chuck and Sarah the Norseman is on the move. Chuck and Sarah crawl into the front of the fan, and Chuck tells her something he's always wanted to say: "Fasten your seat belt." She thinks it's cute, but he's like, "No, literally." So she does.

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