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Farmer Franco's Prize Cow Daisy

Even worse, Awesome has to pretend to get a code-red call from the hospital to get him and Ellie out of there, which means like five lies, which makes him most uncomfortable of all. Awesome lying to Ellie is just about the saddest idea, isn't it? I don't even like to think about it.

So the second the civs are gone everybody pulls guns on everybody else, and Frost pulls on Sarah, so Chuck starts whining, and but really she's just trying to talk Alexei down. "Alexei, we've had our dinner. You've met the family. We're leaving." Alexei, and you can almost find your way to his logic, thinks it's setting a bad example to make threats and not follow through on them. So then he's going to kill Chuck again, which is one way to teach a lesson to a person, but Frost pulls on him and manages to give the perfect speech combining pissed girlfriend, scary spy, guilt trip travel agent, and all-around awesome person:

"This is exactly why I didn't tell you about my family. You don't know how to love someone, you only know how to control them. But you should know that I could never love a man who would do anything to hurt my son. So drop it. Alexei, you know that I am loyal to you, but I will not return with you until you promise me that my family and their friends will remain safe. And if they don't... I will end you."

Just when you think she's gonna zig. Over the sound of Alexei's evil boner and his many henches loading up, Mom apologizes one more time for how she's always doing this shit, and Chuck finally trusts her, because he finally actually saw her. She is in the impossible position she says she is in, and the only reason for it is that Alexei is a bad guy and Chuck is not. So he forgives his mother and she actually smiles and takes off. (Which, he could have just started flashing right then and it would have worked the same, but I like the way the laptop thing plays out.)

Just as Volkoff's team is getting the bounce order and packing up, Morgan comes running into the room shirtless and akimbo, with his gun taped to his back, and then hilariously flails about trying to grab the gun and do something amazing, but finally he just simmers down and chills out and surrenders to them again. Of course, it doesn't matter, because Alexei already called off the whole thing and got Frost back, but it's gorgeous. And then they put Jeffster back in the closet with their stolen phones and they are crushed beneath the pile of phones and guts everywhere and they never come back.

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