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Over at the Buy More, Jeff, Lester and the Greenshirts are joking about Morgan having to endure his mom's and Big Mom's sexual escapades. Morgan breaks the news that he's moving in with Chuck and won't be inviting them for a housewarming. So, nyah! Chuck shows up just then but before he can tell Morgan about the new moving plans, Casey drags him off to the Castle. Sarah is already there, rushing to get Chuck put into a secure bunker, because they've found out Bond was captured by Fulcrum. Just then, the lights and sirens start flashing ominously, because there's been a perimeter breach. Chuck worries he's going to "die underneath a yogurt shop" (who hasn't worried about that?), but it turns out it's just a beaten and bloodied Bond who's found his way inside. He tells them he "didn't say a word" before collapsing in Sarah's arms. "Lucky me," Chuck says drily.

After the opening credits, Bond shirtlessly dresses his own wounds and tells Sarah he fought eight or nine Fulcrum agents to get free. Chuck is dubious. He watches with sad, worried eyes as Bond tells Sarah the reason he came back was to make sure she was safe. Meaningful looks all around.

Back at the Buy More, Anna is giving Morgan a 16-month anniversary present. She's feeling generous, because she found the apartment lease for Chuck and Morgan's new place and thinks it's for an apartment for her and Morgan. She leaves him with promises of noisy bedroom antics. A freaked Morgan allows Jeff and Lester to help him come up with a way to repulse Anna to the point she won't want to move in with him, because just telling her the truth would put an end to Morgan's sex life. Also, Lester calls him "bubeleh," which is creepy and cute.

At Castle, Beckman is briefing the gang about what Bond has learned: Fulcrum is protecting a man code-named Perseus. He's behind Fulcrum's efforts to construct an Intersect. Perseus is going to be at a Swiss Consulate party that night, which Casey and Sarah will be attending undercover while Bond and Chuck stay behind to do techy things. The two, vying for Sarah's attention, volunteer to go with, but Beckman doesn't have time for that crap. Fulcrum's still looking for both of them, so just stay behind and measure each other's nether bits, would you?

Morgan and Jeffster undertake "Phase 1" of Operation Repulsion, which involves the three of them working up a sweat while wearing disturbingly tiny white shorts. Anna wants to go look at the apartment, but Morgan turns her down in favor of playing tennis video games and promises there'll be more of this when they move in together. Jeff drives home the point by stripping off his jacket and revealing his fake-tanned and furry torso, and offers to play doubles with Anna. Understandably, she bolts.

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