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Tron Guy

Swiss party time! Casey and Sarah test out their surveillance equipment, and back at Castle Bond remarks she looks fantastic. Chuck reminds him to focus on the mission, then adds that Sarah does, indeed, look gorgeous. Bond fills Sarah in on who's who and who's "packing" at the party while Chuck fills Casey in on an approaching tray of tasty crab cakes. Casey, it turns out, gets hungry on missions, so this is actually helpful advice from Chuck. Bond helps Sarah navigate her way away from a handsy Italian, which makes even Chuck smile. Casey looks over towards some people at the "ice goose" sculpture, allowing Chuck to flash on a man standing there. He's Howard Busgang, a.k.a. Perseus, played by Robert Picardo. [The man who introduced Velcro to the Middle East? - Zach] Sarah: "Good job, Chuck." Chuck revels in the praise before asking Bond about those nine Fulcrum guys. Bond says it's not as hard as it sounds; "Always go for the knee." Chuck: "You mean sweep the leg?" I... think that's what they said, anyway. I was getting distracted by Bond's scruff.

Sarah and Casey wander through the party, where Not Nestor "accidentally" bumps into them. Bond tells everyone this is the Fulcrum guy who tortured him. Not Nestor turns on a signal-jamming device and cuts off communication between Sarah, Casey and the Castle boys. Sarah gamely presses on with meeting Busgang while Bond leaps into action as Chuck tries to talk him into staying put. Bond isn't having any of it and says it's not about wanting to be a hero, but about needing to be. He gets two guns and hands one of them to a stunned Chuck.

Bond and Chuck outside the Consulate: Chuck says they need a cover, like pretending to be waiters or dentists, but Bond says they'll just go as spies, and punches out a guard at the gate. That works.

Sarah and a bored Casey are chatting with Busgang about science stuff. Not Nestor and his friends approach them with guns, which is just terrible, terrible party etiquette. Chuck and Bond are still outside trying to find a way in when they see that their Sarah and the gang are being led through the party with guns at their backs. Chuck also notices that Bond is bleeding badly from one of his torture wounds, so he climbs up to an open window in Bond's place. Inside, Busgang is confused by all the guns and finds out he's been working for terrorists, but Not Nestor insists he's actually a patriot. Yeah, he's loyal to the United States of Crazy. Casey sees Chuck in the window and whispers: "We're dead; Bartowski's got a gun." Hee!

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