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Tron Guy

Chuck trails Busgang to an office building and manages to con his way inside with his Nerd Herd badge. I'd suggest the security guy at the desk be fired, but then Not Nestor and Baldy show up and shoot him dead. Saves him from trying to find another job in this economy, I guess. Meanwhile, Chuck has gone (very slowly) up to "Constellation Science" on the second floor to find Busgang. It's all appropriately science-y looking in there, with brain scans and diagrams. Busgang is getting a fairly small amount of money out of a safe. Chuck tries to sneak up on him, but is awed by all the science and Busgang gets behind him with a gun. He's all, "You're the guy who shot me!" Chuck explains it was an accident and introduces himself. He just wants to know about the Intersect. Busgang is suspicious until he notices Chuck flashing on a nearby folder that says "Orion" on it, and recognizes what's going on. He's awed by the possibility of a human Intersect. Chuck is less than awed and just wants it out. Busbang says only Orion knows for sure if it can be done, because he drove the research.

So of course, Not Nestor and Baldy show up just before Busgang can reveal Orion's identity. Sarah, Bond, and Casey show up a moment later, shooting Baldy in the stairwell. Not Nestor then shoots Busgang dead. Bond jumps him and gets shot, as well. Again. He's about to get shot a third time when Bond says "Sweep the leg," and Chuck uses his cast-covered leg to kick Not Nestor and hits him with a cane, for good measure. The gun flies from Not Nestor's hands, but he picks it up again and aims. Sarah shoots him and he goes down.

Castle: Beckman congratulates the team, because capturing Fulcrum's research will slow down their own Intersect program. Chuck wants to know who Orion is, but Beckman says they have no leads. Chuck looks crestfallen. Beckman says Bond is headed back to the UK, but not before confessing to Casey that it was 12 Fulcrum guys he took out, not nine. Casey is duly impressed. Bond says to Chuck: "You're truly the most... special... agent I've ever worked with." It actually sounds kind of nice the way he says it. He also says to never take "no" for an answer, and to start carrying a gun. Amen.

Buy More plot wrap-up: Chuck goes to talk to Morgan about the apartment, but Morgan beats him to it, and explains he wants to move in with Anna instead. Chuck is totally supportive. Morgan is totally misty.

Oh, hey, Bond is still here! Maybe he's waiting around to see if anyone else wants to shoot him. He's talking to Sarah one more time about coming with him. "No one else is going to make me feel like you do." She apologizes, but she can't cheat on her cover boyfriend. Bond sees through that, realizing he's "lost the girl to Chuck Bartowski." Scene of Morgan and Anna making out at Buy More, with Chuck looking on for a bit. He then goes home to talk with Sarah: He isn't going to move in with her, and the reason is he's crazy about her. Being around her like that is too much. She understands. She looks kind of distant until he promises he's getting the Intersect out of his head one day, and then he'll live with the girl he loves. That's something to think about, Sarah.

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