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Where There's A Will

Justin's leading Ellie into a supposed CIA building, which she says looks just like a regular office building. He says that's sort of the point with the "CIA": Nothing's what it seems. He takes her into a room and asks if she contacted her dad. He says she did, with a coded classified message. She shows it to him, and Justin says that's perfect because they can protect him as soon as they know where he lives. Ellie wonders what about John Casey, the double agent. Justin tells her not to worry, since he hasn't been dangerous so far, but he gives her a speaker to protect her. But it's not just a speaker, he says: It also blocks Casey's audio and visual reads on the courtyard. Oh, and he can call her. He trusts her, right? She says she does.

Speaking of trust, Sarah's lecturing Chuck at Castle for not trusting her with the information about his Shaw dream. She reminds him (or new and forgetful viewers) that Doc said his dreams can be as real as his flashes. Casey comes in and says he's not letting Chuck go to General Redhead until they know for sure. Casey ran a scan and there's no use of any known aliases, so he thinks Sarah is their best chance of finding them, since she has an intimate knowledge of him. Chuck's not sure "intimate" is the right word, but Casey continues that Chuck and Sarah can go to the places they went together, and maybe he'll flash on something. Chuck pretends he's totally okay with that, but shakes and twitches and protests through all the discussions about where to go to see if he flashes. When Sarah finally mentions Shaw's penthouse at the Hoth Building, Chuck flashes on a safe Shaw had the CIA construct in said penthouse. So, that's where they'll go.

Jeffster!, in front of the Buy More, sing "Love Hurts." They apparently suck, though ... of course. So Big Mike offers to help them, because he knows a thing or two about management. He says they're too good to be playing outside. If he were their manager, they might be playing inside. Lester says they've already played the Buy More so don't need him, but Jeff's listening, since a manager helps you get taken seriously. Lester leaves the band and lets Jeff go solo, although he basically begs him to ask him not to leave. He tells him he's taking something with him that he can never have back: The "-ster" as in "Jeffster!"

When Ellie gets home, her dad's cooking her dinner. She wonders why he's there, since she wanted to go to him. He says of course he's going to come to his daughter; it's safer. And he thought she'd be happy. She lies that she is, but says she's surprised in a good way. Chuck and Casey are arriving in the courtyard. Chuck's worried Shaw will come after Ellie, so he asks Casey to look after her and make sure she's okay. Casey agrees to shadow her. Bakula and his kids have dinner, and Bakula's enjoying it. He wonders what they'll do tonight, but Chuck says he has a last-minute date night with Sarah. Bakula says he and Ellie will discuss whatever it is she wanted to talk about then. She nods, but gets a call from Justin and pretends it's the hospital. She says she has to go tie up loose ends from the Africa trip. Bakula asks about her going to Africa. Outside, she tells Justin her dad surprised her by showing up. She sees Casey looking at her out the window, and tells Justin. He tells her to meet him at a park in ten minutes and they'll figure out what to do with Bakula.

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