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Where There's A Will

Jeff's singing with a keyboard under a Jeffster! sign that has the "ster" part covered up with a giant "?". He sounds all over-produced, coached by Big Mike, as Lester watches sadly and everyone else must be fleeing the sound in the store. Casey finds Lester and asks if he's seen Grimes. Lester uses it as an opportunity to talk about losing his friend, so Casey growls and leaves while he's talking. Casey finds Morgan in his "office," who's freaked and tells Casey that Shaw's alive and he's scared. Casey tells him Chuck was wrong, and Morgan's relieved since he's had to pee for four hours. But that's not why Casey's here. He asks Morgan if Ellie would cheat on Awesome for any reason. Morgan's response: "John Casey, if I had the height and the willpower, I would slap you across the face right now." That's a no. He says Ellie's not a cheater, and would only step out with someone who's like a childhood friend, perhaps. Casey plays the message for Morgan, who puts on the coat and tells Casey he's done well. Morgan says he'll speak to "the husband," and it's not going to be fun.

Morgan's at Awesome and Ellie's, where Awesome's in the kitchen. He gets them both a beer and Morgan asks if Ellie's happy in their marriage. Awesome's pretty confident she is, and asks if she said something to Morgan. Morgan says no, but he feels pretty confident that if anything's wrong, it's Awesome's fault, so ... he needs Awesome to take him through an average day so he can find the problem. Awesome wakes up early in the morning to put a towel in the dryer so it's warm for Ellie. Then he makes Belgian waffles or a goat-cheese omelet for her. Cut ahead. After Ellie's daily foot rub, they bike the farmers market and pick up whatever berries are in season. He then makes her a smoothie with organic milk and flaxseed to give her a mid-day kick-start. Jump ahead to once they're in bed "post-lavender bath, I spend about twenty minutes just watching her sleep. She looks so peaceful, it's like, 'What's she dreaming about?' You know?" that's his day. Morgan's totally enamored.

Chuck comes home to find his dad stressing out. He says he keeps wondering why they'd let Chuck go on missions without the Intersect since he's such an ordinary guy. Chuck says he's not, and the CIA thinks he's special. They believe in him. Bakula agrees that Chuck's special and throws a knife at his face. Chuck flashes and catches it before it hits him. Bakula's all, "I was right!" And then stresses about how he worked so hard to get the first Intersect out. Chuck's like, "Dad, knife. Face. What if you were wrong?!" Bakula says he's never wrong. Which, you know, I totally believe. Bakula tells him that the Intersect can have a negative effect on the brain, which he didn't tell him since he didn't know he'd downloaded the new one. Chuck tells him he left, again, and he's living without him, just like he taught them to do. Bakula leaves, saying he can't stay and watch his son die. In the courtyard, Ellie asks him if he's leaving without saying goodbye. She says she just missed him and wanted to make sure he's okay. He tells her not worry and he won't be gone as long this time. They hug and she plants something on him. He leaves, and she calls Justin. "I did it. I planted the tracer." He tells her it's nice work and it guarantees her father's protection.

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