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Two Girls, One Chuck

That segues right into Chuck replying to Hannah with, "Busy? For you? Never!" She tells him she wants him to teach her, and he assumes she's referring to the long and difficult road of Nerd Herding. She asks to go on his next install, but he tells her she must learn to crawl before she can run. She says maybe he'd prefer to go with Jeff then, cramped into the tiny car, and he's like, "Well played." He promises her she can ride shotgun on the next assignment. She's happy. Then Sarah comes in, and Chuck approaches her, clearly annoyed she's bugging him at his cover job. He asks if it can't wait, and she says, "Not unless you want him to suffocate to death." Forum posters: "Okay by us!" But Chuck seems more concerned. Morgan accosts Hannah and gets flirty, but she just wants to know who Sarah is and, when she finds out she's his ex, she wants to know the deal. Morgan tells her she dumped Chuck, broke his heart, and now keeps stomping on his heart. The whole time, Hannah watches them talking seriously. Chuck comes over and says he's gotta run, "Nerd Herd emergency." Morgan thinks it's curious he didn't get the call, but even a real Nerd Herd emergency wouldn't go through the store assistant manager, would it? Chuck's already run off, though, and is not listening to Morgan. Hannah runs off after Chuck, and when Morgan asks where she's going, she hollers back, "You heard the boss: Nerd Herd emergency." Morgan says okay, but then, "Wait a minute: I'm the boss." But she's already gone, too.

Nerd Herdmobile pulls up to a fancy museum, and Chuck runs in. Casey, disguised as a mover or delivery man with big boxes marked "FRAGILE," greets him. He won't explain why Agent Superman's broken in to the museum vault, because he only has five minutes of air left, so Chuck needs to get on the museum computer system and open the vault before Agent Superman suffocates (part of the vault security is that it depletes oxygen to the room). The museum will let Chuck on the server because Casey took the liberty of crashing it, so they think that's the problem instead of there being an actual alarm. Chuck greets the British curator of classical art, who's never touched a computer in his life. He needs Chuck to fix the server, which he says is in full lockdown mode, designed to protect the museum from fire. He says if Chuck doesn't fix it, they can't control the temperature or humidity, and some of the pieces are extremely sensitive. Agent Superman, still literally hanging by a thread, says, "So am I, Chuck." So I presume Chuck has an invisible earpiece. Casey and Sarah are both above the vault, and Casey's prepared to blow the doors if he needs to, but Sarah says that'll kill Agent Superman, since he's hanging right on the other side of the door. British curator hovers over Chuck's shoulder, until Chuck says he could use a little breathing room. Hannah shows up right then, and says he promised she could ride shotgun and she saw the Nerd Herder car out front. Casey tells Chuck to get rid of her, and Sarah adds that Agent Superman has only one minute of oxygen left, so Chuck thinks fast and asks Hannah if she's ever "restarted a server from the backup database." Hannah's adorable response: "Oh, now you're just insulting me." She gets to work on that, and Chuck tells her something else about a script and a server. He keeps giving her instructions and she works quickly while he works on the computer next to her, but as the room's oxygen hits 8 percent, Agent Superman tells Casey to blow the hatch. They set up the explosive device and leave the room as oxygen hits 4 percent. Casey says, "Fire in the hole," and Chuck shouts, "No, don't!" But, see, he's in a room with Hannah and the stuffy curator, who both look at him like, "WTF?" He adds, "Don't, computer. I'm just talking to the computer because sometimes I feel like it helps." Chuck tells Hannah to reboot on the count of three and they both do. The doors open, and Chuck gets so excited, he and Hannah hug. The curator is happy with their work, and can't thank them enough. Casey and Sarah pull Agent Superman out of the vault. The curator offers Chuck and Hannah a job working there tomorrow night, when they're unveiling the Mask of Alexander, to make sure it goes off without a hitch. He hesitates, until Agent Superman tells him they can steal the mask then, so he takes the job with his new partner, Hannah. Opening credits.

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