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Two Girls, One Chuck

Morning at Castle. Camera trickery takes us from a street, through a grate, down into Castle. Agent Superman presents Sarah with a coffee, which he tells her is a "double shot Americano, no cream, no sugar. Just the way you like it." Then he adds a stirrer, saying he noticed she likes to chew them when she gets nervous. Casey and Chuck come in and greet them as Sarah throws out the stirrer Agent Superman gave her. Then Agent Superman explains what's going on: The CIA is not interested in stealing the Mask of Alexander, but they believe the artifact and others are being used to smuggle items of interest to the Ring through customs. He shows them surveillance of a team breaking into something in Damascus, but not taking anything. Casey thinks it's pretty smart, since artifacts wouldn't have to go through security (that cannot be true). The plan: Chuck will be in the control room, Casey will handle surveillance, and Agent Superman and Sarah will pose as guests, then break in and swap the mask with a replica. Sarah asks about bringing a civilian on the mission, and Casey suggests some tranq darts he'd like to try out, but Chuck says he can handle Hannah. Then he adds, jokingly, "Besides, she can cover for me in my Nerd Herd duties in case you guys need to call in the big guns." No one gets that it's a joke, so they all just stay silent. Chuck: "That would be me. When I say big guns, I'm referring to the Intersect, myself. Do I need to flash? Glad we had this talk." Hee.

Ellie's. Someone knocks, but when she answers, no one's there. She whispers "Morgan," and he pops out from next to the doorway. He says Chuck would freak if he knew they were meeting like this. Ellie scolds him for saying Jeffster! would get to the bottom of Chuck's secret (when did it become Chuck's secret instead of Chuck and Awesome's? I guess just for the sake of this storyline to play out the way it does). Morgan says he overstated Jeffster!'s skills, but he knows some stuff: Chuck is hardly ever at work, always ducking in and out. Ellie says it's like his mysterious trip to Paris. Morgan thinks Chuck's protecting them from knowing he's gone to the "dark place." Ellie gets it, and they both remember how all he did was play videogames when Jill broke his heart, and that must be what's going on here. Morgan says he'll figure it out. He is, after all, the assistant manager at the Buy More.

Chuck and Hannah prepare for their Nerd Herd assignment at the same time Agent Superman and Sarah prepare for the mission, so the respective male in each scenario reads off a list as the respective female says "Check." But the show cuts back and forth a lot so we get people responding to the wrong person. Basically, we know they're bringing screwdrivers, dummy artifact, harnesses, needle-nose pliers, and descender line. Agent Superman asks Sarah if she's ready, and he'd like to make sure they're on the same page. Chuck asks Hannah if she's ready for her first mission, and she's like, "Mission?" He jokes that it's dangerous out there. Agent Superman wants to talk with Sarah about how many dates they've been on. She tries not to have to talk about it, but he says it informs the cover. He asks if they've slept together, which changes the whole dynamic, and she says they definitely have not. Agent Superman: "Good to know."

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