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Two Girls, One Chuck

The British curator's explaining to Chuck and Hannah that the unveiling must go off at precisely 8 o'clock without a hitch. Chuck says no problem, and the curator leaves them alone. On the museum floor, Agent Superman gets all handsy with Sarah, who says she thought she made herself clear about their cover. He says that they may not have slept together, but this isn't a middle-school dance, and he starts kissing her neck seductively as he explains where the stairs leading to the vault are. She looks uncomfortable, but in a slightly turned-on way, so he asks if they're good. She says they are, but moves further away from him. In the control room, Hannah reveals her big secret: The reason she took the job was for Chuck. He's like, "Me? Really? Me?" But wasn't that obvious, since she moved to Burbank and all? She hopes she hasn't been too forward, and he says forward is good. So she kisses him, which continues until she spots Sarah on one of the surveillance cameras. She asks if that's Sarah, and wonders what she's doing here if they're done. Agent Superman walks up to her and Hannah gets a little dreamy-eyed as she says, "Other than make you jealous with that ridiculously good-looking date of hers." Chuck's like, "Ridiculously good... him? Him? Naaah. Yeah, if you're into the strong, kind of, Superman-y, type of guy..." But then he looks at the monitor and flashes on a bad guy. He tells Hannah he'll be right back, and she obviously thinks he's leaving to go talk to Sarah.

Which is exactly what he does. He tells Sarah and Agent Superman that the Ring agent who broke into the vault in Damascus, whose name is Vasillis, is here. He points him out, and Agent Superman says they have to abort, because he and Vasillis have a history and "you tend to remember the guy who set your face on fire." Vasillis turns and we see half his face is burned. Chuck notices Vasillis isn't alone, so he offers to go in with Sarah instead. Hannah watches them all talk, clearly not okay with it. Agent Superman says he and Casey will be in the van if they're needed, and leaves. Hannah watches Chuck and Sarah go off somewhere together. Commercials.

Chuck uses his phone to sabotage the surveillance cameras with a "Sorry, Hannah," as her computers go to a black screen with "MANUAL SHUTDOWN" on them. She's like, "Oh, no, no, no, no," and gets to work to fix them. Chuck and Sarah sneak into a room. British curator asks Hannah what the beeping noise is, where Chuck is, and then tells her he doesn't care, but she must fix it since it's five minutes until the grand unveiling. Chuck and Sarah prepare for the mission (he's going to have to lower her into the vault by hand, since they're short on time). She starts to change into sexy spy gear as he tells her how she and Agent Superman looked like a "cute couple" tonight. She says they're playing a cover, and Agent Superman listens intently. Casey shuts off the sound, and Agent Superman asks if Sarah and Chuck did that. Casey says he did it since they gab like little schoolgirls when they're out in the field, and it's murder on the ears. Awww, sweet. Casey protected Chuck and Sarah's conversation. Back in their vault room, Sarah says it's ridiculous, and Chuck's like, "He couldn't keep his hands off you all night, and the way he brings you coffee every morning?" He tells her she's blind if she doesn't see it, and she's like, "You're one to talk," since Hannah hasn't been able to keep her hands off him since she showed up at the Buy More. Chuck puts on his own spy gear and it's hilarious because he sort of grunts as he does it, so it's not sexy and seamless like Sarah. He says he and Hannah are colleagues, and it's professional. Sarah says she didn't know that meant having her perfume lathered all over him. Then: "Come on, we got a mask to steal." That was the best, most realistic coupley conversation these two have ever had, and I loved it. That's what's good about having the other folks around -- the jealousy actually works on these two, and will end up pushing them together, if nothing else.

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