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Two Girls, One Chuck

The bad guys get ready as Chuck lowers Sarah into the vault with the replica mask. Casey and Agent Superman notice Vasillis has sent his men into the vault. Agent Superman lets Chuck know, but Chuck's hands are full holding Sarah up with the rope. Unfortunately, the men arrive, and knock Chuck into the vault, which sends Sarah back up pulley-style. She ties the other end to something and frees herself as Chuck dangles. British curator lectures Hannah because the vault's supposed to be open. She says she's almost there. Chuck's still dangling. She finishes it, and Casey and Agent Superman realize she's fixed it. They're tapped in remotely and sabotage it again. The vault starts to open, and people get excited as dangling Chuck freaks. Sarah keeps fighting. More open-and-close vault dance as the guys in the van keep sabotaging Hannah's success. Sarah wins, and tosses the replica mask to Chuck, which he manages not to drop. He swaps them out, and Hannah breaks the remote connection to Chuck's laptop so no one can sabotage her, but Sarah pulls Chuck up and tells the guys they're clear. The vault opens and the museum crowd is pleased. Hannah, however, is not.

Chuck calls and tells someone he'll meet them back at Castle after he packs up and smoothes things over with Hannah. He heads into the control room and apologizes, but she scolds him for leaving her alone on her first assignment, and asks why he'd say things are over with him and his ex when they're clearly not. He says it's not what she thinks; it's just that he and Sarah have a unique relationship. She says it sounds really special, and she feels like an ass for kissing him like that. He says he's the ass, and she's like, "Yes, clearly." She says they should just keep it professional, and she'll see him at work. As she leaves, she calls him a "Weirdo" under her breath. Poor Hannah, but man, that seems a little harsh for a girl as seemingly sweet as her. Commercials.

Ellie knocks four times on Morgan's door and then lets herself in. Exasperated, Morgan tells her that's, like, six knocks short. He tells her to come in, since Chuck's asleep after he was out until God-knows-when doing God-knows-what. Morgan thought Chuck was working until he got a pissed-off call from the museum curator. Ellie thinks this puts them back at Square One, but Morgan says he had an epiphany. Ellie: "What's that?" Morgan: "It's a sudden, intuitive realization. I looked it up." Ellie: "I know what an epiphany is, Morgan. I'm asking what epiphany you had." Morgan suggests an intervention to get to the bottom of this, but Chuck walks in and Morgan acts like nothing's going on, and follows Chuck out to work. Ellie whisper-yells after Morgan that he's a coward.

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