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Two Girls, One Chuck

Museum. Ring guys have the curator tied up as they look at the surveillance footage and ID Chuck as the guy who stole the mask. They see him kissing Hannah and breaking into the place with Sarah, and say he's a real Casanova. So he wants to see how cold-hearted Chuck really is (really; that's what he says). Buy More. Morgan asks Hannah if it was a tough night at the museum, but he pretends he couldn't make out the curator's British accent, so he doesn't know what happened last night. She says she doesn't want to point any fingers, but... Morgan gets that she wants to be loyal to her boss, but that he's his boss, and he'd really like her to think of him as her friend. He just rambles, and she doesn't get to say anything. Then the phone rings, and Morgan answers. It's Vasillis calling from the museum. He says they are still having a computer problem, and he'll send her back out on the house. She tells Morgan he's a good friend, and he says it's sweet, and they can build from there. But she's already long gone.

Castle. Agent Superman brings Sarah a coffee, and she says they need to talk about professional boundaries: him bringing her coffee every morning and noticing she chews on her swizzle stick. She says he's embarrassing them both, since they're just colleagues. She asks him to keep his coffee and cheesy come-ons to himself. Agent Superman feels like he should probably apologize to Colonel Casey, who walks in then and thanks Agent Superman for the coffee, just the way he likes it: black and bitter. Sarah looks a little sheepish as Agent Superman looks hot and smiles. Hannah shows up at the museum and Vasillis thanks her for coming. He tells her the curator's tied up and he's the assistant. He wants her to go to the vault, but makes sure she doesn't have her phone first. He sends her into the vault and, of course, locks it. Right away, it starts emptying of oxygen. Vasillis calls Chuck and tells him to bring the mask or he kills his girlfriend. Chuck asks Morgan if he's seen Hannah, and he says she's on a call at the museum. Chuck tells Vasillis he doesn't have a girlfriend, and this is the Nerd Herd desk, but Vasillis basically tells him to cut the crap, and he'll bring the mask in 30 minutes if he wants Hannah to live. Morgan tells Chuck they need to talk, but Chuck runs off; no time. Morgan tries to follow, but gets all tangled in the phone cord and misses Chuck going through the hole in the floor of the display room. So close.

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