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The Next Generation

Castle. Vivian can't believe her father killed people. She didn't spend much time with him, see? He put in her good schools and good homes with caretakers, but wasn't part of her life. Now she just needs to figure out what to do with the rest of her life. She looks sad, so Chuck tells her a story about how he used to be a regular-old guy with a dead-end job and living with his sister when an opportunity fell in his lap.

Speaking of opportunities, Robin Givens, now without a mask, approaches Casey in the Castle hallway and tells him she sees his true potential. He's so much more than this team needs from him, and she'd like him to lead the new team she's putting together. He asks what the directive is; she's glad he's curious, and says she'll be in touch as she heads into a giant "Restricted Area" door.

Back to Chuck, who's telling Vivian he never thought this would be his life, but now he's happy and he's sure this will happen for her. Then he immediately tells her she has to go to a CIA safehouse. She can't believe he'd tell her she can do what she wants with her life, then say that, so she asks him to use her as bait instead and try to capture Backseat Driver. She just wants control of her life, she says. "Will you help me?" She's lovely, so Chuck obviously says he'll help.

Awesome and Ellie are in bed, wide awake, listening to the annoying Jeffster! Sleep Sheep that Clara's sleeping soundly to. They're even singing along, but they're not remotely happy about it. They decide to try turning it off to see if Clara stays asleep (she doesn't). So they'll just have to never sleep again so that their daughter will. Morgan's packing up his stuff when Chuck comes home to pack for his mission. He tells Morgan it's totally ridiculous that he'd move, and he's sorry he busted in on them on Valentine's Day. Morgan says that's not why he's moving; it's just been a long time coming. He reminds Chuck that he and Sarah will be married soon and should have their own place. Plus, Morgan has a serious girlfriend now. It's time they both grow up. Chuck says they are grown up, and he's happy; isn't Morgan? Morgan says he is, but he was also happy when Chuck's dad let them sleep in the attic fort all summer. Chuck agrees. But things change, says Morgan. Chuck asks where he's going to go, and Morgan gives a speech about opening himself up to the universe. Chuck: "So, heading to your mom's?" Morgan says yeah, he's going straight there. Morgan says he's split stuff up accordingly, which they discuss a bit. Which brings them to their Han Solo and Chewie dolls, which they scraped all their money to buy back in the day. Morgan wonders if they should each take one, but Chuck thinks separating them is crazy talk. Plus, they're worth more as a set. Morgan wonders if they should sell them, but Chuck says they should decide tomorrow, after sleep. Chuck takes Han Solo and says he'll just sleep with him in his room, and Morgan says Chewie will stay with him. They get all sad and then have their dolls high-five. Even they realize it's weird, I think, so Chuck goes into his room. They slide down walls opposite each other. Chuck is still staring at Han Solo when Sarah asks if he's okay. He pretends it's nothing, but she knows him and says she's sorry about Morgan. He says he's fine; they're fine; fine; is she packed for the mission? Yes.

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