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The Next Generation

At her manor later, Sarah, Chuck and Casey reassure Vivian about what she did, and then tell her that all of the folks formerly involved in Volkoff Industries are now dead. And, without a leader, her father's empire's just an empty office building in Moscow. Sarah gives back the necklace, which we note says "Love, Dad" on it. Some realization registers right as Chuck asks her if Backseat Driver told her anything about the key. She lies that he didn't. The gang has to leave, though, so she thanks Chuck profusely for helping her, and tells him she has to figure out what to do with the rest of her life. He's sure she'll figure it out.

Back at their apartment in Burbank, Morgan's pouting on the couch when Chuck gets home. He tells him that he gets that he's committed to moving out, but he can't tell him enough how much he and Sarah love him and love having him here. Morgan agrees it's great, which is why it's hard to leave. They agree it's the end of an era, but they're still going to have game night every Monday. Chuck asks where Han and Chewie are now; were they sold? Morgan says he couldn't separate them from each other, or from the family. Cut to Han and Chewie on a shelf in Clara's nursery, where she's asleep in her bed. Awesome wonders if Ellie's sure about putting her in there. She says she's three months old, and ready. They're so excited for what's about to happen next -- they've been waiting since Clara was born -- and go to change for it. Then they kiss and go to sleep.

Casey's with Robin Givens at Castle. She acknowledges his value to the team, since he saved Sarah. She says he's been here four years, longer than he's stayed with any previous job, and that he won't stay with it forever. She asks him to leave while he can go out on top (kinda like he said to Morgan). He tells her he's not leaving Burbank (either because of the gang or because of Alex; I'm not sure which), and she says he won't have to. She tells him this is the mission and leads him to the "Restricted Area" door. It slides open, revealing a hall, and another even more secure-looking door. He looks down the hall knowingly, but with some curiosity, which I guess is going to mean he branches out on his own now. Good for Casey; his character does need more to work with. Robin Givens isn't wrong.

Volkoff Industries. Vivian shows up and looks around. Everything's dusty and faded and death's heavy in the air. Then she sits at the desk and notices a small gold horse statue with a hole perfectly sized for her necklace. She puts the necklace in and turns the key, which opens a door in the side of the room, revealing blue shiny light on her face (new Intersect?) as the camera pans out on the doors she came in, which close automatically. And that's how it ends. With a cliffhanger.

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