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'What's the Worst that Could Happen?'

Morgan's in his office talking to Jeffster! about the situation: "This is not just our BM we're talking about here; this is our Big Mike. Okay, he's in real danger here, fellas. Real danger. Think about it: What if these men were to take away his sandwiches? He is not built for that!" He asks them again where Kevin Bacon is. Maybe Morgan should just try going six degrees from anyone in the world. Lester says it's a mystery, but Morgan says it's actually not and he knows they stole him and now hid him. Jeff: "Or... did we?"

Castle. Chuck says that Damian's unconscious and no one can find Lewis. But the good news is that this group can trust each other again, since Lewis is obviously the killer/bomb-planter. Black-and-white flashback to Brody coming upon Lewis planting the door bomb, so he stabs him. Sarah gives Jody and Robin Givens guns, since they'll need everyone looking for Lewis, who's trapped inside Castle just like the rest of them. Chuck tells them it's important to capture Lewis alive, and Casey warns them to watch for trip wires and booby traps. They split off in groups: Chuck and Robin Givens discuss how much he wants everyone to like him -- and he tries to get her to, as well, even while she tells him a good leader shouldn't care about that. Sarah listens to Jody whine about her boyfriend breaking up with her, and Jody wonders how Sarah got the Intersect to commit. Casey's alone. Robin Givens and Chuck hear movement in the air ducts, and Sarah hears it, too. So does Casey, finally, and it's right above him. He heads up into the ducts, draws his gun, and tells everyone it's a pig. That's right: It's Kevin Bacon. Who runs off.

Back at the Buy More, Morgan's disgusted: "You hid Kevin Bacon in the air ducts?" Jeff: "If you love something, let it go. And if it comes back, you can eat it." Lester explains that Jeff lives by a strange philosophy of karma and diet. "He combines the two, but it works for him."

Back in Castle, Robin Givens tells Chuck the pig means Lewis is still out there, and she's only got Chuck for backup. So she's heading to the bomb-proof Intersect room, the safest place in Castle. Chuck follows her, ineffectively commanding her to stop. They arrive at the Intersect room and bicker. Until Chuck sees his sister looking at the computer on a surveillance video, and then he really gets mad. As they yell at each other, they both finally stop because they see Lewis in a seat above the room. They tell him they've got him and there's no place to go as they lower him down from this weird ceiling seat. He's dead. Chuck says it's safe to say Lewis isn't the killer. Robin Givens: "Brilliant deduction, Sherlock."

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