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'What's the Worst that Could Happen?'

Robin Givens grabs the boom box and runs to the Intersect room, where no one else will be harmed by the blast. In the longest minute in the history of the world, she tells Chuck she'll have to use the manual override inside the room to shut the door. Chuck tries to stop her, so she pulls a gun on him, and tells him this is what a leader does. She shuts the door, and looks sad and resigned to death until the door opens. Chuck tells her that he overrode the control panel using "my stupid pocket protector, thankyouverymuch." Sarah tells Chuck there's no time for this, and they all run out of the room and shut the door just as the bomb explodes. Kevin Bacon, somehow running for his own life, ends up thrown by the bomb through a duct opening and into Chuck's arms. Chuck is truly, truly puzzled because... pigs fly?

Castle. It's still dark, but somehow General Redhead is on her screen thanking everyone for saving Castle and solving the mystery. She especially commends Chuck, who was a true leader. He thanks her but says he owes it all to his team: Sarah and Casey were his eyes, ears and more. She's glad he feels that way, because they've decided to stick with this team -- with Chuck as the only Intersect -- for the foreseeable future. She tells Robin Givens to await reassignment in Washington. Chuck would like to add that Robin Givens was invaluable today, and General Redhead notes it. Then she shuts down. Robin Givens tells Chuck he's a good spy and she's sorry for underestimating him. He thanks her, and says he's glad he doesn't have a nemesis anymore. Then Robin Givens tells him that Ellie's incredibly smart; if anyone could figure out the Intersect, it's her. She tells Chuck to reconsider keeping her away from her path.

Buy More. Morgan's pepping up his team, preparing to head to Large Mart and break out their BM. But he comes in just then in a Buy More sweat suit, with a Subway flatbread held high. Everyone jumps up and down in slow-motion as Big Mike slow-mos in himself. They asked how he got out, and he says it was easy, since they had a couple of nerds watching. Large Mart bangs on the door and the Buy More crew sees the giant BM on fire out front. Morgan: "Our BM!" Big Mike: "It's okay. It was worth it to have some Large Mart fun again. We can make another BM." I mean, who can't? Chuck comes in with Kevin Bacon and asks Morgan if this is the Large Mart pig. Then he sees the flaming BM and guesses exactly what happened. Morgan asks Chuck what happened to him, and Chuck just says it's been a long day. He gives Kevin Bacon to Morgan and leaves.

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