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Buy More. Morgan's crying in Big Mike's office, when Big Mike comes in and tries to figure out what the problem is. Morgan finally spits out that he's quitting, because he got a real job. Big Mike makes sure Morgan's not selling his body, then gets a little teary himself as he bids Morgan farewell. Jeffster! and Casey watch from the store. Lester thinks Morgan's dying, but Jeff can tell they're tears of joy and he has a new job. Jeffster! tell Casey that at least there's room for him to replace Morgan in their crew. Casey growls and stalks off.

Alone in his room, Chuck turns on the General Redhead cam and cites his position as "the titular member of Team Bartowski" to point out how bat-shit crazy it is to put Agent Superman back in the field after what he just found out about Sarah killing his wife. General Redhead says that what Chuck's seeing in Agent Superman right now is an absolute professional, which Chuck isn't. She tells him she's moving Sarah and Agent Superman to D.C. after all, and Chuck will stay in Burbank until she figures out what to do with him. At the Buy More, Morgan's unpacking his locker when Casey asks what's up. He quickly deduces Morgan's going to work for Chuck, and Morgan says it's awesome and they can work together once Casey earns his way back into the spy fold. Casey says General Redhead doesn't forget a small thing like treason, plus he's trying to pretend he's enjoying his new life here. Morgan tells Casey to "enjoy my old life," and Casey responds, "You too." Awww, sad.

Morgan arrives home to tell Chuck the exciting news of him quitting but he notices Chuck's holding a glass of whiskey with a gaming console in his lap. He's all, "Hold on. Something's going on here. Oh, are you mixing gaming with whiskey?" Chuck says Sarah's leaving with the other guy (the titular other guy). Chuck tries to drink more as Morgan tries to take away the whiskey. Chuck says he's already over the edge, but Morgan says he's not going to let it get to the point where Chuck quotes liberally from John Hughes and things go dark. Chuck flashes and then we cut to Morgan tied up on floor muttering as Chuck listens to If You Leave, while holding a guitar on the floor. He starts the John Hughes quoting: "She said she couldn't be with someone who didn't believe in her. Well, I believed in her. I just didn't believe in me." Morgan tells Chuck he's misquoting and ruining Pretty in Pink for him. He begs Chuck to stop this now, and he'll forget it happened. Thankfully, Sarah comes in and asks what the hell's happening. Morgan tells her this is all because Chuck found out Sarah is leaving with Agent Superman. He continues that Chuck's eaten a whole carton of ice cream and drank a lot of whiskey. Sarah unties Morgan and asks him to leave them. Morgan says he forgives Chuck, then turns off the music as he screams, "Great. Now I hate this song."

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