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As they go, Agent Superman tells Sarah it's almost time to go as someone else, a waiter, walks up behind him. Sarah looks up and she (and we) sees it's Chuck, who points a gun at Agent Superman's head. He realizes who's there and asks how they found him. Chuck says he read all of Agent Superman's files and knows he comes here every year to remember his wife's death and he thought it would make morbid sense he'd want Sarah to see it too. Agent Superman thinks Chuck's smart, and Chuck tells him to stand up because he's under arrest. Agent Superman thinks that's less smart and that Chuck should pull the trigger, NOW, and kill him. Chuck hesitates and looks at Sarah. He says he wouldn't do it. Gunshots are heard off screen, and Chuck says it's Casey taking care of the new director. Chuck tells Agent Superman to stand up, but he says he guesses Chuck's gun was Casey's idea. He turns around and fights Chuck. Chuck flashes, but it doesn't last long, and they end up in a silverware fight, with Sarah helplessly watching it all. Finally Agent Superman wins, and Chuck begs him not to do this. Agent Superman knows that Chuck's emotions are getting in the way of flashing. He tells Chuck to stay here, since this wasn't his fault and he doesn't want to hurt him. He says he hasn't told the Ring Chuck's secret, but if Chuck follows, he will kill him. Agent Superman takes Sarah and runs off. Chuck yells after him.

At the river, Agent Superman tells Sarah the drug will dull the pain, so this won't hurt her. Chuck yells, "Stop!" Agent Superman turns and draws his gun, because he warned Chuck and he totally couldn't see this coming. Chuck's gun is drawn too, but he begs Agent Superman please; it doesn't have to be like this. He tells him this isn't him; he can't do this. Agent Superman flashes on his wife and tells Chuck that, actually he can; it's Chuck who can't. But Chuck shoots first and it looks like he hits Agent Superman at least twice. He falls and jumps over the ledge into the water, grabbing Sarah's hand on the way. Chuck runs over and holds onto her until Agent Superman falls into the water. Chuck holds Sarah, who's passed out by this point. More commercials.

Casey's smoking a cigar in a café somewhere in Paris, talking to General Redhead on his computer. She tells him they've been over this (so, presumably, he's called before) and he no longer works for her -- unless there's a sale at the Buy More. Oh, look at General Redhead being all snarky. He just nods and smokes, then shows General Redhead the Ring director (and how cool is it for Jayne to finally have the upper hand with freaking Badger?)passed out next to him. She asks what he wants for him, and Casey says he's like full reinstatement, his old rank back, a new Crown Victoria, and "a request you're probably not going to like." Cut to Morgan begging Big Mike for his job back. Big Mike hesitates, but is of course delighted to have him. He hadn't even opened the job up to others because he was waiting for Morgan. He calls Morgan "Son" and asks him to call him "Dad" or "Papi." Morgan's like, "Dad. I like that one." You know, between those two, I think I do too. When Morgan leaves Big Mike's office, his cell phone rings. It's General Redhead asking for Morgan. He's like, "Yeah. Who dis?" She identifies herself and then offers Morgan a job on Team Bartowski. Which is so ridiculous that it works on this show. He tells her he'll go quit his job again, but she says Buy More will be his cover, so that won't be necessary. She also tells him to thank Colonel Casey. Morgan: "Aye, aye, Captain." General Redhead: "General. It's General." Then he calls her sir, and ma'am, and she hangs up.

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