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Spy Games

Chuck goes to the Nerd Herd desk and the computer acts funky. It starts talking to him, all, "I know everything. You're the intersect. We have to meet." Chuck asks why they're meeting and it says, "Because I'm Orion." It then says the computer's not secure for long, so he's sending one of his for Chuck. It goes back to the Nerd Herd screensaver, and Chuck tries to get it to go back to Orion. Just then Sarah walks up and asks what's wrong. He says there's something he should tell her.

Before long, we're all at Castle, where Chuck's being yelled at by Agent Redhead for finding Orion. Chuck tries to say Orion found him, using a cool hack, but she interrupts, asking how it's possible. Chuck says it probably has to do with his search, in which he put together everything he knows about Fulcrum and Orion in an automated web search. Casey tells Chuck that's not how this works -- him doing his own searches. Agent Redhead asks what Orion said. Chuck says he knows Chuck's the Intersect, and is going to send him a computer. Agent Redhead asks where it's going, but Chuck didn't nail down the details. She wants it locked down, since they're next-gen computers, capable of unlocking military weapons. "God help us if it falls into the wrong hands."

And we all know what that means, right? Just then it arrives at the Buy More, and Lester signs for it, thinking it's the newfangled laptop that the Beverly Hills Buy More-ites are so jealous about. He pretends to be Chuck and tells the delivery guy to leave it with him.

Frantic music as Sarah and Chuck see if the computer's arrived. It hasn't, according to whatever clipboard Chuck reads. Sarah asks Chuck why he didn't tell her. She says that his search was rogue. He adds, "And I didn't tell you." He tells her he wants to get this out of his head and have a chance at a real life, and he's not sure the CIA and NSA will be cool with it. She says he should have trusted her.

Lester leads Morgan into the men's room, where they make small talk about "Jeff's office." Lester talks Morgan into going in there. It's a bathroom stall with an "Out of Order" sign. Morgan goes in with Lester, and we see it's completely decked out with posters and a lava lamp and dart board. And I don't see a toilet anywhere. Morgan is creeped out and wants to leave, but Lester keeps him there. They show him the computer, which is like nothing Lester's ever seen before. He geeks about titanium, liquid cool, and something "housing." They want to check it out, but want Morgan there so Big Mike won't freak, because they figure he can't come down too hard on ... "his boy." They turn it on, and it says, "Identify." They say they can't, so it asks if they're in danger. Morgan says, "You better believe it," so it asks them to pinpoint their target. Jeff thinks it's a simulator game, which they love, so they decide to target the Buy More. A scary looking military plane starts flying toward them.

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