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Spy Games

Chuck's laying in bed as Orion's trying to wake him up with words on a computer screen. Then he calls. He has a disguised voice, and asks where his computer is. Chuck says his handlers took it, thinking he's Fulcrum. He says he's not so sure himself. Orion tells him he's not, and displays symbols that shows him breakfast, a dinosaur, an old movie, and some other gibberish. Chuck asks how he knew that was in there, and Orion says he put it there a long time ago. Chuck totally believes him.

Agent Redhead makes fun of Casey's Reagan picture and then tells Sarah and Casey she lied to Chuck. Really, he's done what no one else can do: He found Orion. Sarah asks why lie to him, since Orion is so important to this project, and to Chuck. Agent Redhead yells at Sarah not to tell her what's important, since she's been looking for Orion since Sarah was in a training bra. She says that they've been searching for him forever, and so has Fulcrum, but no one has found him until Chuck came along.

Still on the phone, Orion tells Chuck he has to leave. Chuck says he can't, since he's being heavily guarded by agents and his handlers are in a high-level meeting. Orion says not to trust them, and shows him supposed evidence of this on his computer. It's footage of the conversation going on in Casey's apartment. Chuck's first comment is how tiny Agent Redhead is. And she really is. Casey exposits so Chuck knows that they all know that Chuck found the real Orion. Sarah asks Agent Redhead what if Orion can erase the Intersect from Chuck's mind, but Agent Redhead says that's not what she wants, because he's vital to national security. She asks Sarah if she understands. She hesitates, and says "Yes." Agent Redhead can see she's not sure about that answer and asks her, "What?" Chuck, however, is much more of an idiot and can't see what the whole world can: that Sarah doesn't mean it. But she repeats to Agent Redhead that she understands. Chuck's all, "Sarah, no." Oh my word, he is an idiot. Also, how did Orion know this conversation would happen, since this is presumably a live feed? Anyway, Orion tells Chuck to go now, while surveillance is down for forty seconds and he somehow has the agents distracted. Chuck leaves his watch and goes.

He arrives in Castle, where he opens up the laptop, which tells him to "Identify" and "Hold very still." It IDs him as Chuck and then a computerized version of Orion starts talking to Chuck, as The Mummy starts unzipping himself from a body bag in the background. Chuck tells Orion he wants the Intersect out of his head, and they set up a meeting in an hour. Orion puts the address on the screen, saying they have much to discuss. He closes with "Orion, out." Chuck weakly says, "Chuck, out." And then The Mummy, who's found a gun already, has it pointed at Chuck, who can't believe he's not dead.

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