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Spy Games

Chuck's in his bed again. He lays down and something crunches. He finds a packet under his pillow that includes some papers and a disc. He pops it in his computer and Orion comes on the screen. He tells Chuck that if he's watching this, it means something happened to him. (So, he put it there knowing something would happen? Or that wasn't really Orion that got killed and this is some sort of elaborate setup/plan/scheme/mission?) Orion hopes he was able to meet Chuck and tell him his real name (if he really hoped that, wouldn't he tell him now?). He says the cards Chuck's holding are the schematics for the new intersect, which Orion stole from Fulcrum. He tells Chuck to study them, but not to show anyone. He will need to know them if he wants to get the intersect out of his head, which is possible: If he finds Fulcrum's intersect, he'll get his whole life back. He says goodbye and that this disc will self-destruct in five seconds. He adds he's always wanted to say that. And the disc does burn up inside the computer.

Sarah comes in the Morgan Door. Chuck tells her Agent Redhead was wrong: He's not a spy. Sarah says Agent Redhead sees things in black and white, but she was right about them being in the middle of a fight with Fulcrum. Chuck gets that, but he says this isn't his future. It's just what he's doing now. But he will get his life back. Sarah says of course he will. She says they're still a good team, and asks if he trusts them. He says he trusts her, but pushes his schematics behind his back. She says she's on his side. He knows. She says she better go, and he agrees he's a little beat. She goes out the Morgan door, and he looks sadly after her.

At Castle, Agent Redhead asks Casey if Sarah's on board with this mission. He says she is, and he has no reservations about how she feels toward the asset. Agent Redhead wants everything Casey has on Sarah and Chuck: video surveillance and his unedited report. He asks her if she trusts him, and she says she doesn't trust anybody. They watch Chuck, who's laying on his bed reading comic books (couldn't they have seen him watch the video on his computer, which is right there in the frame? Gah! The lack of rule-following this episode is maddening). We zoom in on Chuck, and see he's reading the new intersect schematics, which are placed inside his comic. Oldest trick in the book.

Next Monday, Sarah's replaced with Tricia Helfer. But Sarah's not going to leave quietly, and might even kick Tricia's Cylon ass.

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