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A Man With A Plan

Awesome is squeezing a stress ball as the nurse gives Ellie her current dilation, and Ellie tells her the baby's coming and sends her to get the doctor. Then, aware that Awesome's about to hyperventilate, she tells him to go outside for five minutes, pull himself together, and then come back in, as there's no one else for her there and she really needs him. Perfectly reasonable -- in fact, given the circumstances, far nicer than he deserves -- but poor Awesome looks like he can't even form a sentence. Maybe he'd relax if he took his shirt off? I'm only thinking of him here!

Lester and Jeff enter in their Jeffster! T-shirts, Jeff with a portable keyboard strapped to his back, and after Lester opines that pregnant women are gross and Jeff expresses a diametrically opposing viewpoint, they try to gain access to Ellie's room and are most summarily denied. However, when the desk nurse calls for some doctor on the intercom mike, Lester's eyes light up...

...while elsewhere, Awesome is staring at the baby ward and freaking out some more until Casey wheels his way up to him, and I love that even Casey addresses Devon as "Awesome." Casey asks why he's not in with Ellie, and when Awesome silently mouths what I loosely read as "Flubittyflargenbarger," Casey sympathetically tells him not to make the same mistake he did -- he missed not only Alex's birth but her whole childhood, and he regrets that every day. You can actually see Awesome coming back to himself during this little speech, and Casey gives a small grin before telling him to get in there. Awesome complies, giving Casey an appreciative slap on the back, which Casey seems to enjoy even with the pain it causes him. It figures.

Awesome rejoins Ellie, and after they smile and nod lovingly at each other, the doctor tells Ellie it's time to push. She agrees, and gets ready... and then the strains of Jeffster! singing Salt n Pepa's "Push It" are heard on the intercom. Hee, especially the part where they point out the pregnant women's stomachs on the "Ooh, baby BABY" parts. Casey seethes, "Jeffster," while Ellie looks like she's going to pass out not from the pain of labor but from the singing. Sarah, Morgan, Mary and Chuck then arrive (with the music still blaring) and run into Casey, and Sarah starts to apologize, but he just tells her he's glad she's back. By the way, the fact that Sarah's hair is still black suggests that we're meant to think she dyed her hair, although I doubt Yvonne Strahovski took that step but I certainly could be wrong. Finally, although most of the people in attendance seem to be quite enjoying the little jam session, two security guards come and break things up. On their way to being dragged out, though, Lester grandstands that cover song by cover song, they're shaping the youth of America, prompting this response from Jeff: "I'm not allowed to do that anymore!" Oh, Jeff. It's really impressive how high-functioning a Cro-Magnon man you are.

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