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A Man With A Plan

The nurse emerges from the room and asks the group outside if they're family; when all but Casey answer in the affirmative, she responds, "Oh-KAY," like, it's four people, honey. Not exactly unprecedented. She tells them that only one of them can go in, and of course Chuck says it should be Mary, but asks her to let Ellie know they're all there. Mary assures him she will, and heads in, whereupon Ellie smiles while holding back tears that she came. Mary nods and says they all did, and seriously, not even a hint of a tear? Even Sarah Connor cried sometimes, remember?

Back outside, Morgan and Casey wheeleconference, and when Morgan asks where Alex is, Casey tells him she went home. Alex, however, appears and demurs, saying she just went to get a coffee, and adds that whether he likes it or not, she isn't going anywhere. He assures her, "Neither am I," which is nice, although it counts less when there are doctor's orders involved. Morgan then pipes up that he's definitely not going anywhere, and Casey looks like whatever drugs they're giving him aren't strong enough to field that sentiment...

...and then we cross-fade back to Ellie, breathing hard; after a quick cut to Chuck and Sarah sitting in the hallway, we return to see Baby Clara has successfully entered this world, unadorned by the usual goo with which babies find themselves covered. I guess whomever Awesome found to make that vitamin placenta works fast. Mary makes a series of faces that I would not describe as quite fitting for her granddaughter just being born, but Awesome takes Clara in his arms and sniffles, "Awesome." Speaking of which...

...out in the hallway, Chuck and Sarah regard each other lovingly, and then Chuck gets A Look on his face...and gets to his feet and pulls out the engagement ring box, and it NEVER occurred to me that they would pile this on top of the baby, and as such is just a positively delightful surprise. There's no hint of hesitation in Sarah's eyes, and we cut to a shot of the janitor waxing the floor with one of those noisy machines. Chuck and Sarah are now in the background, so we can't hear anything that's said, but just before we fade to black, she leans forward and kisses him, which tells us everything we need to know. And if this episode could maybe have been the series finale, imagine what it will be like when they really mean it.

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