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A Man With A Plan

On their way down, Mary and Sarah run into Chuck and Morgan, and I'll assume they're being allowed to proceed unobstructed as part of Volkoff's test of Mary's loyalty, because the alternative seems a bit far-fetched to consider. (The "even for this show" is, as ever, implied.) Sarah and Chuck embrace, but Mary is less than thrilled to see her son, and Sarah is forced to agree that the mission is too dangerous for him. Chuck, however, will brook no dissent about his and Morgan's presence, and Morgan pipes up that it's okay, as Chuck has a plan. Chuck smiles big, which is among the many things on this show I never get tired of.

In the bowels of the ship, our group looks down to see a couple guards in their way; Mary draws a gun to take them out, but Chuck stops her and fires from his own piece, sending them down, and then tells his mother, "When we get back, we need to have a serious talk about the benefits of tranq guns." Funny, but it's also nice character-wise to get a mention of Chuck's reluctance to use real guns, given what's to come. Hey, I call the show out sometimes, so it only seems fair to give it credit when it pulls off subtlety. Anyway, they reach their location, and Chuck gets to work on opening the door, but Morgan grabs a key card off one of the guards, swipes it, and goes through before anyone really gets the chance to stop him. Mary starts to tell him it can't be that easy, and she's unfortunately correct, as the door slides closed, separating Morgan from the group. What's worse it that a web of lasers then appears, the nearest of which slices the tip of Morgan's gun off, which suggests that it's probably a good thing that he's wearing a garment that pulls all his protrusions in as tightly as possible.

Chuck manages to open the door to the server area, which unfortunately is at the opposite end of the room, but he's doubtful of his ability to do any more, so Mary steps forward and offers that if Morgan could negotiate his way through the lasers, he'd be in a position to disable them and open the door. It may seem like she's being a bit cavalier with Morgan's life, but it is true, as she adds, that this may be his only chance, so after exhorting himself with a bunch of yoga talk, he gets moving. Things actually are going swimmingly until, about halfway across, he gets his wetsuit stuck on something sticking out of the wall, and given that he's in half moon pose, which I can tell you from experience is EXCRUCIATING to hold, I would say he's in some trouble here, which only gets worse when Chuck tries using the keycard and starts the lasers moving. We cut to outside as Morgan yells that they're slicing through his wetsuit, and then...nothing.

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