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A Man With A Plan

They get the door open and see the now-tattered wetsuit on the floor, but given that there are no blood and guts on it, it's no surprise when the lasers click off and Morgan, now just in his tighty-whities, steps into view. Chuck hurries forward and hugs him, but then gets grossed out by his boy parts, and I'd roll my eyes about there always being time for gay panic, except this is Morgan we're talking about. I must, however, give the show props for Chuck's awesome throwaway line, made after we've cut to Mary and Sarah inside the Hydra room: "Kinda cold, huh?" Morgan just as hilariously replies that it is, in fact, and then Chuck comes into the room and, after a surreptitious glance to make sure his mother's not watching, inserts some device into one of the computer banks. Meanwhile, seeing Morgan struggle with the cold, Sarah generously gives him her coat, and after Morgan opines that he'll probably be too broad in the shoulders and then the coat of course fits like a glove, the four of them sequester themselves in the Hydra room. Mary tells Chuck, who's still over at that one panel, not to touch it, but he does a bit more stealth-fu on it before Mary goes to transfer Hydra to a CIA offshore server..."now," which I can only imagine means she's setting off some flag that's going to bring Volkoff down on her. I mean, I don't know shit about computers, but I've learned quite a bit about scripted television.

What I also, most thankfully, know a lot about is Ryan McPartlin's body, as he's shirtlessly working out in the living room when Ellie comes downstairs and tells him that her water just broke. Awesome hilariously is like "But you're not due yet!" like that will make the baby chill out for another two weeks, but Ellie, much calmer than I would guess is normal for the character especially now that Awesome is so panicky, tells him it will all be fine, and that he's got a plan. That seems to calm him down, but when he looks at the wall, to which he's attached supplies like a stopwatch and reminders to do things like top off the gas tank every day, he notices that the push mix isn't there, and...okay, I guess I have to believe that he made the push mix holder before he went to see Chuck to pick it up, because as dumb as he can be I'd imagine he'd have looked for the thing to put it in there if he'd done it after, but still, given how obsessive Awesome has been and is being about every aspect of the pregnancy I find it hard to believe he wouldn't have noticed that thing's been sitting empty up to this point. But even though Ellie, probably being only slightly more a fan of Chuck's taste in music than her husband's, is like, "No push mix is FINE," Awesome continues to freak, essentially acting like the lack of a push mix means that the baby's going to end up being something out of V. He then finds the number Chuck gave him and, in his panic, dials, and one second later there's a knock on the door, which Ellie opens to find a CIA escort team. I'm guessing they had the place bugged, as I don't think the show seriously wants us to believe that they have teleportation or beaming technology, but when Ellie asks Awesome if he arranged this, he gives a nervous fake smile, and whatever, he's dumb, but seriously, I love him so much, and Ryan McPartlin does such a great job making him a non-cartoon.

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