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Chuck ... Make That Bryce

Chuck bumps into Morgan as he's heading out to probably get the Intersect. Morgan is nervous and wants to talk, but Chuck doesn't have time. He says he forgot the rings. He has to go home and get them. He tells Morgan to pull Sarah aside and specifically tell her he forgot the rings. Morgan's like, "The wedding's in twenty minutes. Ellie's going to kill you." So he offers to stall the wedding, so that everyone will blame him. Chuck can't believe Morgan would do that for him, but hello? Has Chuck met Morgan? Chuck tries to call Casey, who's in his own personal heaven in a plane hauling his crew to Waziristan, apparently. Chuck's calling, but Casey and his crew are yukking it up too much to hear it ring. "1 New Voicemail."

Morgan's trying again to get into the bridal suite, but Dr. Awesome won't let him. Luckily, Sarah comes out and tells Dr. Awesome that Mrs. Awesome wants him to go get backup hosiery. Dr. Awesome leaves, and Morgan tells Sarah Chuck forgot the rings. Since she just saw them, she's like, "He what?!" Morgan says Chuck had to go get them and wants him to stall the wedding. Sarah says, "Do it, Morgan, by any means necessary." Morgan pumps himself up as she leaves, trying to come up with a way.

Chuck's at Castle. He opens the Intersect cube locker, and it's empty. Behind him, Bryce says, "It's gone." Chuck asks where it is, but Bryce says Chuck knows he can't tell him that, since it's top-secret. Chuck says he needs it, because his family's in danger, since Roark and his team are at the wedding, and Roark says he'll kill Ellie unless Chuck brings him the cube. Bryce says Roark can't have it. Chuck says he'll murder everyone. Bryce: "No. You're going to give them me." They think he's the Intersect, after all. Bryce says they've been looking for him all along, but the cube can't fall into the wrong hands. He made a promise to Orion. Chuck's all, "You know." Bryce says that was the deal: Bakula/Orion knew Bryce protected Chuck at Stanford, so he was the only spy Orion could trust. Chuck can't believe Bryce has known this whole time. Bryce explains Bakula wanted to keep him out of this, but Bryce knew Chuck could handle the Intersect. He knew Sarah would find Chuck. And, most importantly, he thought Chuck deserved to know the truth about his father being a hero. In case you hadn't already signed your petition to change the show's name to Bryce, at least for this episode, he adds as he prepares his gun, "Now let's go get your sister married."

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