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Chuck ... Make That Bryce

The not-dead agent asks Bryce if he saw Sarah. Bryce says she's amazing, but tells him she's in love with someone else. He says it's a bad day to be him, and Agent Not Dead says, "You have no idea," as Casey's rogue man yells, "Mr. Larkin!" Bryce does some crazy shooting tricks and sneaks into a room that the bad guys can't get open. Chuck uses his computer arm to get them there and figure out where Bryce is. Sarah tells him to go get help while she and Casey have a shoot-out with the bad guys, but instead Chuck uses his computer arm to find his way into the big white room that Chuck was in when the series first began.

Bryce is there, sitting just inside the door. Chuck tells Bryce that Sarah and Casey are pinned down. Then he notices Bryce is bleeding. He's been shot. Bryce says he's really sorry, but Chuck says it's okay, Bryce will be fine. Bryce tells Chuck to take care of her, and Chuck says not to talk like that because Sarah needs him, on their mission, that Bryce is a hero. Bryce says she wasn't going to come. Then he pulls out a computery gadget and tells Chuck it will destroy the new Intersect, which is too powerful. Chuck takes it, and tells Bryce he needs the computer to fight Fulcrum. Bryce says Fulcrum doesn't matter; they're just one part of "the Ring." He says they'll use it against "us," so Chuck has to destroy the computer. Chuck tells Bryce he can beat them, but Bryce dies. Chuck's sad.

He quickly realizes what he has to do, though, and goes to destroy the Intersect. But he looks at the screen, which says, "Do you wish to activate." He thinks a minute -- flashing on wondering why Bryce chose him, Sarah telling him he can do anything, Bryce not wanting Chuck to be a spy at Stanford, General Redhead telling Chuck to become a spy, himself saying he's not a hero, Sarah telling him he is that guy just moments earlier -- before deciding to hit "Activate." The whole room flashes with images as he's uploaded with the fancy new Intersect. The room's white again, and Chuck stumbles a little, but doesn't pass out. I think he's getting stronger. He uses the device to destroy the Intersect.

Just in time, because Casey's rogue guy comes in and asks what Chuck did. Chuck doesn't flash or anything, but says he destroyed it, so they're too late. Sarah and Casey are led in, captured. Sarah freaks out, "Bryce!" And, "Don't you touch him!" as the bad guys drag Bryce out. Casey tells them they lose, since the Intersect is destroyed. Rogue tells them that "No one stops us. No one ever has." Sarah asks who he is, and he says, "Spies, Agent Walker. The best." Chuck has a flash of images, and one of the guys guarding Chuck tells their boss to look at this. Sarah asks if he just flashed, and Rogue says, "He uploaded it." Casey: "Oh, Chuck me." Rogue tells them to kill him, but Chuck kung fus all their guns away and then smiles like it's a joke. Then he does big, super-high flips in the air, and then kung fus them all to what looks like death, as Casey and Sarah watch on in amazement. Casey: "Uh?" Sarah: "Chuck?" Chuck: "Guys, I know kung fu." Title cards: "To be continued..." Well, let's hope.

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