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"Just Had To Reboot"

Outside, on the ground, Agent Superman wakes up. Scary music lets us know how truly terrible of a situation this is. Casey, Chuck, and Sarah are piling in the car with Morgan and Awesome. Casey's like, "Hey! You used my missile!" Chuck stops and looks back at Agent Superman. He flashes, which seems to really hurt his head, so Sarah has to drag him into the car just as Agent Superman draws his weapon and shoots. Lucky for all of them, the bullets just bounce off of Casey's super car. Close-up of Agent Superman's sad face -- and, as I said last episode, there is something heartbreaking about the guy -- as slow, strummy music starts. Cut to the gang in Casey's car reuniting with Ellie somewhere up the road. Chuck and Ellie get out and run to each other in slow-motion. They hug, and Ellie flashes back again to her dad asking if she can protect her little brother for him. She replies, "Yeah. Okay, Dad, I promise." And then it becomes even clearer why Ellie's been such an overprotective nag at times with Chuck.

Hugging over, the six of them try to figure out what to do next. Sarah says that by now Agent Superman's alerted the Ring (uh, and probably the CIA too, right?) and they'll be looking for them. Chuck says they have to be smart, like his dad would have been, and disappear. Casey says they have to drop off the grid. Morgan says, "Give up our old lives." And Awesome agrees that's the plan. Ellie's the only one who's not so into this idea. She reminds Awesome that this isn't them; they don't live off grids. "We are regular people. We live on planet Earth. And my father was murdered today." She turns to Chuck and says, "Our father," then says this is insane and she's leaving. He follows her into her car, and Sarah comes over and asks what's going on. Ellie, clearly in charge here, asks Sarah if her husband is safe with them. Sarah says he is, so Ellie says she and her brother need to talk. She drives away. Casey mutters, "Two Bartowskis. Double the fun."

Buy More. Big Mike advertises Subway, and builds a better breakfast at his desk (ironic it didn't happen in the first half of the episode, titled "Chuck Versus the Subway," don't you think?) when a phone in his drawer, labeled "Moses" rings. He looks worried, but answers. Then he heads out to the store and finds Jeffster! He wonders if anyone's seen Morgan, Chuck or Casey. Jeffster! wants to help, but Big Mike needs his assistant managers and Chuck. Lester says they have good listening skills, and Jeff's like, "Actually, I'm deaf in my left ear, except for a slight ringing." Big Mike realizes he has no one else, and tells them their sales numbers are down and if there isn't a quick spike in numbers, the store's going to be closed. Lester suggests telling customers the truth and have a going-out-of-business sale to juice the books. Big Mike says that's crazy, and Lester asks, "Crazy good?" Big Mike thinks there might be a brain behind Lester's mouth after all. Jeff picks up the Nerd Herd phone, all, "Hello?" Lester: "That phone did not ring, Jeffrey." Why don't I get more tired of Jeffster! I mean, they're so one-dimensional, but they never stop amusing me.

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