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"Just Had To Reboot"

In her car, Ellie wonders how Chuck has kept all of this a secret from her, when she's supposed to be the closest person to him. He says there's no one he wanted to tell more. "I mean, you raised me." He asks if she remembers when he broke Mom's necklace, and she left a couple days later, so he thought that's why she left. She says she hated their mom for leaving and making him feel that way. Chuck reminds her how she was with dad, handling the families bank account, which no 12-year-old should have to do. She says she can't believe he's gone, "our crazy dad." But Chuck says he wasn't crazy. He was a hero. Not a perfect dad or a perfect person, but he did amazing things. She cries, and he says this is the secret he most wanted her to know. She asks what they're going to do, and he says they have to go after the Ring and Agent Superman and take them down. She says okay, but then he's done with this job, being a spy, because she made a promise to protect him, and she can't, not from this. He tries to protest, but she reminds him they're all they have left and she's not going to lose him, too. He promises her he'll quit after they get them.

Chuck and Ellie are leaving her apartment (because that's totally not the first place Agent Superman would look), and he's telling her the drill: Basically, she and Awesome are going somewhere safe -- and not telling Chuck where -- until this is over. I don't know; I'd want to keep around the people who just saved the real spies' lives. She wonders if they should take Morgan, but he says Morgan's part of the team and is helping Casey's daughter go off-grid. She's like, "Casey has a daughter?" He knows it's a lot to process, but she has to go. She tells him not to forget his promise, and he says he won't. Also idiotic: After they're alone, they're working out of Casey's apartment (because, again, Agent Superman would never think to look for them there). They open a channel to a video feed in General Redhead's holding cell. She can hear them, but not see them. She asks if it's Agent Superman, and Chuck says no, it's him. She thanks God, and then tells them about a secret meeting of spies she came to Los Angeles to attend, which is where they'll be able to find Agent Superman, whose plan was to discredit her there, so he could take over both the CIA and NSA. She says the conference is tonight, and the five Elders will be there. Chuck flashes on what that means (which, of course, gives him another headache). Morgan asks who the Elders are; he says it sounds, "like, World of Warcraft scary." Chuck says they're the leaders of the Ring, and the only person who could pull off taking them all down would have to be the best spies in the world. Morgan tells Chuck he's embarrassing him, and Casey glares (but manages to avoid growling; I think he's growing). Sarah says they can do it, and Chuck says they don't have a choice; it's Agent Superman.

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