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"Just Had To Reboot"

The Buy More is packed with customers for its going-out-of-business sale when Morgan shows up and wonders what's going on, since he's only been gone for two days. Big Mike asks Jeffster! if they know what time it is. They're like, "Please, say Jeffster! time." They slip in the DVD, but don't close the DVD player with it inside before some suits walk in and wonder what the hell's going on here. Big Mike realizes Moses couldn't protect them anymore, and these people are here to close the store. He and Jeffster! hide, and then run when the suits ask where Big Mike is.

At Castle, Chuck's asleep, hooked up to some wires or tubes. He wakes up and asks Sarah where everyone is. She says that Casey went to get Ellie and Awesome, and Morgan's checking in at the Buy More. Casey says he promised Ellie he'd leave and wouldn't be a spy anymore. "She's going to be so mad at me if I die." That's adorable. Sarah says she's going to find Agent Superman and get the Governor back, no matter where he is. Upstairs, at the Buy More, Morgan sees Agent Superman come in, looking slick and nice and like a very wholesome frat boy. Morgan also sees the bomb Agent Superman plants, and dials a number on his phone. Agent Superman takes the phone before Sarah answers, and his first words to her are, "This isn't about you." So he's apparently moved on from wanting her dead, then? He says he's wired the Buy More with C4 and has the detonator. He asks her to send him Chuck. Now. She says they're on their way. Then she hits some button that sends a "Buy More Breach" message to Casey, who does a U-turn on his way to get Ellie and Awesome.

Morgan's cuffed to a chair in the cage in the Buy More backroom, screaming for help. He knocks himself over and manages to dial his phone, as Sarah shows up at the Buy More. Casey answers his phone and wonders what the hell's going on there, and Morgan fills him in. Casey says they have to get everyone out of the store, and wonders if Morgan's near a fire alarm. Morgan says there's one outside the cage, but he's handcuffed to a chair inside the cage. Casey, without pausing or even wincing, tells him to break his thumbs. Morgan (and me): "I'm sorry. Can you say that again?" Casey tells him that's what he has to do to get free. Morgan agrees, and we see his face as he strains and then we hear bone-crushing. Ick. He screams in pain.

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