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"Just Had To Reboot"

Lots of rescue types are at the Buy More. Jeffster! and Big Mike are crammed into the front of Jeff's van, watching it all. Bike Mike says this is not good, that he'll definitely be fired the next day. Jeff asks Big Mike what if he told him there was another way to save their jobs, and be heroes. "We burn the Buy More. Burn it down to the ground." Big Mike's like, "What?" Jeff says he'd be happy to do that for Big Mike. But Big Mike's had enough of them. He tells them good riddance and goodbye and storms out of the car. Inside the Buy More, Casey tells Morgan that none of the firemen are real; they're all CIA agents looking for Agent Superman's detonator. Then he tells him he did a good job breaking his thumbs, which takes a little something special (I call it idiotic obedience). Morgan wants him to tell General Redhead, but first Casey wonders again why Morgan had Alex's number.

Sarah's dressing Chuck's wounds by the Nerd Herd desk. He tells her again that he told Ellie he'd quit after they stopped the Ring, and he meant it, because he can't lie to her. He asks if she can love a regular guy, and she says she fell in love with one. Morgan finds the detonator and hollers about it. He holds it precariously with his bandaged-up hands, and says, "Am I on a streak or what? When you're hot, you're hot." Casey tells him to be careful with the detonator. Morgan babbles about how Casey needs to now tell General Redhead how he broke his thumbs, and found the detonator. Chuck, to Sarah: "He's going to drop it." Morgan finishes, "And how I... " Then he drops it. "...dropped it." He can't believe he did it, and then it arms the bomb. Casey tells everyone to run, and they all do, getting out of the store just as it explodes. In their van out front, Lester, shocked, asks, "Did we do that?" Jeff: "I don't know." They take off as Morgan keeps telling everyone it was an accident. They turn and watch the Buy More sign crumble. Big Mike, in his own car: "Sweet Lord, they did it. They actually did it. Those crazy nerds blew up the Buy More." Oh, Big Mike, that is true on so many levels. First of all, Morgan did it, so yes: Crazy nerd did it. Second of all, the showrunners did it, so that's also a yes: Crazy nerds did it.

Cut to a news story about the Burbank Buy More fire, and how police have not apprehended the two lead suspects, who are on the run and extremely dangerous. They show a picture of Jeffster! Morgan turns off the TV, and we're at Ellie and Awesome' apartment. Everyone's there: Casey, Sarah, Awesome, Ellie, Morgan and Chuck. They all have champagne, and Chuck makes a toast. He says that his dad wasn't always a great family man, but there was nothing more important to him than family. "To a great man, Stephen J. Bartowski." Ellie: "To Dad." Everyone smiles warmly and drinks. There's a knock on the door, and Chuck welcomes Alex in. She hopes she didn't miss dinner. Chuck introduces her to the gang. Casey tells her he's so glad she came, and she says she is, too. They hug awkwardly. It's even weird for everyone watching. Morgan tells Alex that Casey's not much of a hugger, but baby steps, right? He says he's also glad she came. Casey tells him to back off before he breaks the rest of his fingers -- "or you blow up the apartment." He leads Alex away, and Morgan repeats it was an accident. Uh, yeah, and one he's letting Jeffster! take the fall for.

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