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Spy of the Tiger

The Turners are both drinking in a hotel room, talking about how rich they're going to be or something. Swoosie hopes they didn't hurt "those poor saps," who reminded her of them. Fred thinks Chuck and Sarah were too in love to ever really have a career with the CIA. Swoosie: "We're not?" He says they are, but it's more like an old bourbon. She thinks he's calling her old, and that's why he was hitting on that young hussy at the party. He starts rambling, and because it's Fred Willard, I know he has to be making it up as he goes along. Swoosie talks, too, but it's not funny, so I'll just quote rambling Fred: "No, she was just part of the mission. A diversion. She was planning on having breast-enhancement surgery and asked my advice. She was obviously in awe of me, if not in love." Room service knocks at the door, and the Turners take all the precautions. He sees it's all-clear, and just a glass of wine, so they let their guard down. Which is when Sarah and Chuck sneak in through the sliding glass door and take Swoosie's gun. Fred asks how they found them, and she says they're the only room that ordered twelve Manhattans. Man, I don't know how people can spy on that much alcohol. Most people wouldn't be able to walk.

Casey's teaching Morgan to use a gun at the shooting range. Morgan knows everything about the gun because of videogames, so he thinks he'll be great at this. When he shoots, though, he ends up throwing the gun back, yelling, "I think the gun just exploded in my hand." Casey catches the gun and says there's nothing wrong with it. He orders Morgan to sit down and then lets him fire himself. Morgan says this is worse than when he got canned from Underpants, Etc. Casey says this isn't the end of the world, and he'll be there for Morgan like Morgan was for him when he was out on his ass with the agency. Morgan tries to hug him and call him a friend, but Casey pushes him away and says to keep that on the down-low. Morgan agrees, and tells Casey he's the best person who's ever fired him.

Chuck and Sarah have brought the Turners back to their place, where they have them handcuffed. They try to pretend they didn't do anything wrong and there's no evidence of any wrongdoing. But their bickering tends to end up with them blaming each other for what they did, so it's the same as confessing. Chuck finally yells at them to be quiet. He says it's one thing to betray the agency, but it's another to betray the agency. Chuck says they were supposed to teach them to be a great spy couple. Fred says to check back with him in thirty years, since the CIA has a way of breaking young idealists in love. There's a knock at the door, which they assume is the marshals, but Chuck sees Otto through the window -- "and his pussycat." Chuck thinks the Turners must have sold them out to Otto, until Sarah finds a tracking device in the tiger's collar. The Turners want backup guns, and Fred says Chuck's surely heard of the 30-foot rule. Chuck goes to the couch, which has been emptied of weapons. He and Sarah start to bicker: She says she got rid of them, and Chuck's like, "You actually listened to me?" She can't quite believe it herself. And she left her guns from the hotel in the car, because he told her no guns in the apartment. They handcuff the Turners in the bathroom.

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