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Out With a Bang

A sad, slow Christmas song starts playing (it's "Christmas And Me Are Through," by Your Vegas; thanks to mizenkay for knowing that). Awesome approaches Ellie and tells her doesn't want to go skydiving anymore. He's had all the excitement he needs. They kiss under mistletoe. Lester's on a stretcher, thanking Anna for staying with him. He would have been alone tonight. She says her too. And the reaches up and grabs her and kisses her. It actually looks like she's kissing him back, and Morgan sees it, but then she stops and screams, "Gross!" I can't tell if her face is agreeing with "Gross!" though, or if she loved it. It could go either way. Sarah walks in, has to sort of force herself to act excited and breezy, and she runs toward Chuck. She kisses him and hugs him. She tells him he's safe: "I got the Fulcrum agent." She's totally not lying. She did get him. But then Chuck asks what happened to him, and Sarah says she arrested him and that Casey's taking him to a secure facility right then. She says he'll go to jail and never bother Chuck again. Ellie and Awesome come up and say Merry Christmas and there are hugs all around. Chuck looks sad and disappointed. Ellie's excited that Chuck gave Sarah the charm bracelet. Chuck sees sad Morgan on the Nerd Herd counter and goes to sit by him. Morgan asks Chuck what to do if you see your girlfriend do something so horrific, it's permanently burned into your brain. Chuck says he doesn't know, but he knows exactly what Morgan means.

And that's it until Monday, Feb. 2, sadly. But don't worry: Momma's Boys starts, which should totally make up for the loss of such a good show, right?

Is Chuck a nerd or an undercover hottie? We investigate.

DeAnn is a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon. You can contact her at

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