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Out With a Bang

They're all lined up (is it weird to anyone else that the staff at the Buy More always stands in a line for "meetings" as if they're in the military?) and Big Mike's telling them that this is their big moment, blah, blah, blah. He asks Morgan what he smells, and Morgan starts listing breakfast things: coffee, bear claw. But Big Mike is talking about profits. Um, how in the world would Morgan know that's what you meant? Big Mike tells them about how they raised prices, and are looking at a record sales day.

Ellie and Awesome knock on the glass of the closed Buy More, and Chuck lets them in. They came early to shop alone and take advantage of the friends and family discount, but Awesome tells Ellie not to worry about getting him anything since she already did. She's confused, so he explains that he took it upon himself to buy himself a weekend skydiving trip with the boys. Chuck has to get back to the lineup with Big Mike. He leaves and Ellie asks why she got him a ticket to death. He says he needs an adrenaline rush. Be careful what you wish for, Awesome.

Jeff's watching the chase on TV, and he's apparently winning. Lester thinks Christmas sucks. He even throws his elf hat (did I mention that Jeff and Lester and in the same suits as Morgan, and that Anna's a different type of elf?) for emphasis. The chase continues, and the Buy More crew starts to hear it outside at the same time they hear it on the news, so it's getting closer. Announcer guy says the driver's "not slowing down!" And then he crashes through the front of the Buy More. One of the elves (I think Jeff) ends up swinging from some sort of Christmas decoration above the car to avoid getting hit. The driver jumps out of the car with a gun, and asks no one to move. Chuck welcomes him to the Buy More, and we go to credits.

We open up in front of the Buy More, where cop cars, and ambulance and Nerd Herd cars are gathered (I'm hoping the Nerd Herd cars were already there, and they weren't brought in for this emergency, although I guess the detention car could come in handy). Inside, our driver talks to himself, all "Not good. Not good. Okay, Ned, just calm down. Think, think think." All of that to establish his name is Ned? He says his full name is Nathan Edward Rhyerson (forum posters say that's a shoutout to Groundhog Day, but could it also be a Ned and Chuck Pushing Daisies shoutout?), but people call him Ned. And then he apologizes about the entrance and asks who's in charge. A bunch of people say "Chuck!" and point at him. Chuck says he's technically not in charge, but Ned points the gun at him and asks for no one to get brave so no one gets shot. Chuck tells him they're safe because the store has a strict no-bravery policy. Ned asks Chuck where the security system is and Chuck leads him to it. Chuck tells him all of the other ways in and out are locked down because they haven't opened yet. Ned asks him to lock the front, so Chuck closes the front gate.

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