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Out With a Bang

Back with Ned and Chuck, the phone rings and Ned freaks. He asks Chuck to answer it. Chuck does, and it's Lieutenant Mauser, who asks to talk to Ned. Ned doesn't want to talk, so Mauser says he and Chuck will have to work through this themselves. Chuck tells Mauser that Ned doesn't want any trouble, so Mauser asks him to send out a hostage as a sign of good faith. Or, you know, start bigger, Supposed Trained Professional Hostage Negotiator, and ask him to let them all go. Chuck relays the message, and Buster immediately starts running forward, saying, "Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!" I have never noticed this before, but Tony Hale could play Pee-Wee Herman if there were ever a remake. He says it's 86-year-old grandma is dying and needs him, so Ned agrees to send him. Buster hugs Ned and cocks an eyebrow at Chuck, then leaves. Lester and Jeff think Chuck worked out a deal to let Buster go so Chuck can get better lunch breaks. As if Chuck ever works anyway.

Mauser and Maureen Mitsubishi try to ask Buster what's going on inside, but all Buster will talk about are the great electronics inside the store, on sale now (which is a total lie, obviously). Inside, everyone's watching Buster on the news. Ned asks where the people are who can help him, and Chuck sees Sarah and Casey. He asks Ned if he can go to the bathroom and Ned lets him go. Sarah and Casey want to lock Chuck in the OOSSL before worrying about anyone else, but with Ellie and Morgan in there, Chuck can't leave. Casey and Sarah should be more forceful. Ned comes back, and Casey shuts the OOSSL locker/door quickly. Ned sees Casey and Sarah and immediately points his gun. Chuck says they're harmless so to please put his gun down. Chuck tells him they were hiding, and then he introduces them. Ned says he'll uncock the gun, but he doesn't know how, and then he accidentally fires it instead.

The cops outside hear the gunfire, and are requesting a SWAT team. Turns out Ned accidentally shot Casey's toe off. Ellie and Awesome wrap it up and Ellie tells Casey he'll be fine, that a lot of people get by with nine toes. Jeff, who's listening, tells Lester he gets along fine with eight. Yeah, I wouldn't say Jeff gets along "fine," but I don't think that's about toes. Lester wonders if they can find the toe and get Casey to pay them for it. Dude, it was shot, not cut off. Casey whispers to Chuck that he survived three wars without losing a fingernail before he met Chuck. Elsewhere, Ellie's asking Sarah if she's okay and Sarah says she's just scared because she's never been this close to a gun. Ellie says she hasn't either, but they just need to stick together. Sarah looks bad for lying, but she didn't really have to lay it on so thick, now, did she?

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