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"Never Go On A Mission Angry"

General Redhead, Roan, Chuck and Sarah are all at a table at Castle. It's awkward, but General Redhead won't let Chuck and Sarah leave. She lectures Roan for going on the Fatima mission on his own, without instruction, putting one of her best agents at risk now in the fortress. She asks Chuck and Sarah to be on standby, because they're going back if Casey gets into trouble in Morocco. Roan tells "Diane," er "General" that he'll get Casey out of trouble if he gets into it. But she has a new mission for him. Buy More! He has a fancy flask, watches, and other Bond gear in his locker, but he's still in polyester pants and green shirt. Chuck checks in with him and asks how it's going, and Roan says he feels the chafing of stylelessness. Chuck wants to ask about the General really, though, and asks if it's about Morocco. Roan says it's actually about Berlin, 1989 -- "not a good year for building walls in Germany." He says he was just off to Moscow and Diane was on her way back to Washington for a promotion. Scorpions pick up with "Wind of Change" as we flash back to Diane finding Roan in Berlin and asking, "What about us?" He says he told her that if they're alive in 20 years, they'd throw in the towel and lead a normal life. They were supposed to meet in Washington a few days ago.

Cut to General Redhead replaying his message -- "Besos, my flower" -- at Castle. She walks away and Morgan sneaks in to use the computer. He gets in contact with Casey, who tries to tell him he's in a wall (duh!) on a mission. Casey says he'll talk to Kathleen, but Morgan says it's okay, actually. Casey says Morgan was right, and he wants to, but Morgan says that Alex doesn't really want him to talk to her. "Okay, well, enjoy your wall. Come back safe." Casey asks if she never wants him to, and Morgan's not sure, but says Casey can always talk to him if he needs to. But Casey hangs up while Morgan's talking.

Roan's still talking to Chuck about how he didn't think he'd make it 20 years (or, you know, 22), and that being normal isn't who he is. Chuck says that's how he feels about the eloping thing; it's not who he is. Roan tells him to stop saying no to Sarah and to convince her. The first step is to set the scene by creating an erotic atmosphere. He says secrets are shared in those cases, and yeses come more easily. Chuck's not sure how, so Roan gives him a fancy suit out of his Buy More locker. Cut to Chuck, suited up, arriving at home. He tells Sarah he made them a reservation, but she comes out of the room in a belly dancing outfit, putting on a show for him in the kitchen. He's clearly quite smitten. Understandably so, too, because I'm a straight woman and even I'm entranced by her moves. She tells him to relax and imagine them running away together, and her wearing this just for him anywhere in the world. Chuck can barely breathe as she shimmies and shakes and looks lovely. She asks him to elope, and he's like, "Yeah!" Then he stops himself and says he can't believe she's doing this, using Roan's methods to try to seduce him. She asks why he's wearing that outfit, and he says he's trying to seduce her too, "just not, clearly, as well." She's saved by her phone ringing. General Redhead wants to see them at Castle, so Chuck says they better change. Not that he ever wants Sarah to take that off, of course.

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