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"Never Go On A Mission Angry"

They're dressed down to boring as they sit with General Redhead and talk to Casey, who says Fatima's meeting with her backers on the other side of the wall he's hiding in. He sticks a tiny microphone out into the room, where the big, bad oil tycoon Chuck flashed on is making a deal to buy counterfeit money from Fatima. She's made a trillion dollars worth of notes, which doesn't make him happy, since their fortunes depend on a strong dollar. She says his may, but hers does not and thanks him for the gold. Then her ladies shoot up the oil guy and his men (and look hot and perfect doing it). The wall Casey's hidden behind is riddled with bullet holes, and he tells them he's trapped where part of the wall fell. He's going to have to cut his arm off. General Redhead tells him to hold on that and standby for backup. She sends Chuck and Sarah to Morocco to find the location of the mint to destroy it, and to get to Casey before he chops his arm off. Because they'll never get the location from Fatima, though, General Redhead says she'll have to send Roan, the only man who can seduce the location out of her.

Grandma Bartowski's reading Sleeping Beauty to Clara at Ellie and Awesome's. Then she tells her a story about how she took a potion once to pretend she was asleep, but her partner put the antidote on his lips and woke her with a kiss. "Can you say 'mission'?" Poor Clara. She's not going to stand a chance.

In Morocco, Sarah gives Roan instructions to seduce Fatima and get the location of the mint. She and Chuck will go for Casey. Roan climbs over the fortress wall, but stops before he goes over the wall to tell Chuck and Sarah that if he doesn't see them again to remember they're in love, listen to each other, and never go on a mission angry. Fatima finds strange men's clothing in her room, and it's Roan of course. He has a gun trained on her, but tells her not to call for help; he had to come back to her. He says he's not here as a spy, but here for her. She gets his gun from him and points it at him. He says he never wanted to leave her, but was extracted because of another woman. This gets Fatima's attention, of course. She asks who, and he says, "my general." General Redhead hears it and adds, "...who is impatient. Get the location of the mint, Roan!"

Chuck and Sarah decide they don't want to get all personal on a mission, which is unprofessional. They stop fighting, but continue to talk. Which is just as personal, so I don't get that discussion, but whatever. He asks her what's up other than his intense family, and Sarah wonder who she will invite, and who will walk her down the aisle. Chuck realizes how blind he's been, that this has never been about his family, but about hers. He can't believe he didn't figure it out, but she says she should have told him. Casey pipes up, "You have got to be kidding me with this conversation. I'm about to cut my arm off." Chuck says they'll be right in and starts to laser into Casey's wall.

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