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"Never Go On A Mission Angry"

But Casey's back in Burbank, outside Kathleen's in a suit. He watches Morgan and Alex come out, with Kathleen and a guy. He looks sad, but whispers, "Good for you, Kathy." At the Awesome residence, Grandma Bartowski's still being awesome and doing everything. Ellie tells her that having her here has been great. Grandma B. finishes, "But you are ready to try it on your own." Ellie says that's not it at all; she'd keep her here forever if she could. But she wonders if she really wants to be a full-time grandma. Grandma B. says this is what she dreamed of for years. Ellie says she made Chuck quit the CIA, and she sometimes wonders if it was the right decision, because he was helping people and saving them. Grandma B. says, "He's a Bartowski." Ellie says she can't ask someone else to stop being a hero just because she's afraid, and if she needs to be a spy, Ellie will not consider it abandonment; she'll still be in their lives. Grandma B. cries that she wants to give everything to the baby that she never gave to Chuck or Ellie. Ellie says that's the mom's job; she just has to be the best grandma in the world. Then Ellie asks about the agent who kissed her awake on the mission. Mary says he was a big romantic, and the greatest husband there ever was. Ellie's so happy: "Aha!" Awww. I miss Bakula.

Chuck and Sarah are laying in bed together. Chuck's glad they talked, and Sarah is, too, but she thinks eloping seemed like a way to avoid her family. He says she's helped so much with his family and wonders how he can help with hers. She says it's different, but he says they've taken out some of the worst people in the world, so he thinks they can handle a family, even hers. He says she's "Sarah Walker, the most mysterious woman in the world. So, as the future Mr. Sarah Walker, can't I get to know you better?" She looks sad and thoughtful but doesn't answer as saddish music plays and the camera pans out the window.

Next week: Sarah's old spy buddies come to visit, holding grudges. Carina's one of them. And there's a very evil Lou Diamond Phillips. Is there any other kind?

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