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Problems With Authority

Casey's getting several guns ready for his mission. On his way out the door, he sees his bonsai tree and considers watering it, but instead pushes it off the dresser. He still salutes Reagan on his way out, though. A little later, he and Sarah are watching the supposed drop site. Sarah wants him to send Chuck images to see if he flashes on anything, so he calls Chuck and sends him a picture of a license plate. Chuck says he has bad reception, and Casey's mean to him, so Chuck hangs up on him. He laughs nervously, surprised at his own bravery. But then he quickly realizes Casey and Sarah might actually needs his help, so he calls back. He pretends the bad connection cut them off. He looks at the picture, but doesn't flash. My TV decided to go all pixilated right here, so all I can make out is that Sarah and Casey run in to what they think is the deal, but it's actually a trap because a car explodes near them.

Back at the Buy More, the sensei approaches Chuck and holds up the pen. He asks where he can find John Casey. Chuck tells him he'll go check and see if Casey's in the back. As he walks away, he calls Casey, but gets his voicemail. He leaves a "Code Red" message, telling him his sensei is there. He turns and the sensei's gone. Because he's moved on to Morgan, whom he's now asking about Casey. Morgan, competing for worst customer service, replies by demanding, "What do I look like, an information desk?" The sensei doesn't like this. Morgan waves him off and then asks him to fill out a customer comment card. The sensei crushes Morgan's soda can and recites a platitude about respecting strangers in case they're enemies. Which doesn't really make sense. Chuck comes up and tells the sensei Casey's out until Tuesday. The sensei walks off, and Morgan tells Chuck how awesome he is for being able to crush that can.

Chuck's calling Casey again, as he's tailing the sensei into the Large Mart parking lot. Casey tells him he shouldn't be doing that, and just then the sensei comes up and puts Chuck in the trunk.

Ellie, Awesome, and the Doctors Awesome are registering for everything Mrs. Doctor Awesome wants Ellie to have at the Buy More (where she, not Ellie, wants them to register). Mrs. Doctor is pushing the vacuum sealer, and Ellie goes ahead with it. Then she moves on to "camcorder," and Mr. Doctor Awesome says, "First for the honeymoon, then the grandkids." And ... ew. Who says that about their kid and his fiancée? Even Awesome says his dad is crossing the line, but then he tells Ellie they're coming on strong because they know her parents aren't around and they want to help. She says it's fine, but after Awesome walks off, she points the inventory gun at her head and pulls the trigger. So now she's registered for herself. Well, at least it's something she'll like.

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