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Chuck Versus The Sizzling Shrimp

As Mei-Ling hugs her brother off to the side, Chuck apologizes to Casey and Sarah for not going home when they told him to. However, Casey notes that he turned one of China's top spies, and Sarah adds that he helped save her brother. "So good work, Chuck." He beams, and then Mei-Ling joins them and adds her thanks. Chuck aw-shuckses that it was nothing, and then asks her to sign a form saying she was happy with the level of computer service he provided. Hee.

Chuck again arrives home to find Morgan there, and Chuck's all stammery about how it's Mother's Day until Ellie appears and says it's okay -- she invited him. Chuck's happy to see their détente, and when Morgan goes into the kitchen, she confesses that they bonded over an "I miss Chuck" moment. I can understand that. Chuck asks where "Awesome" (THERE we go) is, and Ellie says he couldn't get off work, but when there's a knock at the door, she tells him it must be Sarah. After brother and sister bond a bit more, Chuck gets the door, and it is in fact Sarah. She asks what the deal is with Mother's Day, and Chuck soberly tells her it's the anniversary of the day their mom..."left us. Our dad was here, but he was never really here. So now, every year we celebrate the day we learned to take care of ourselves." Ellie adds that they also learned to rely on each other, and soon everyone's got a drink, and Chuck says they'll need more champagne...

...and later, Chuck's outside, telling Morgan he heard about him coming in second. Morgan babbles about how he's going to marry Ellie, but she appears behind him, and when he figures that out, he makes himself scarce. Chuck and Ellie toast to Mother's Day, and we're out. Man. This show always hits you in the last two minutes!

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