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Chuck Versus The Sizzling Shrimp

Back at Buy More, Casey gives Chuck a picture and asks if it's the woman he saw, and on hearing an affirmative, he rams some files into Chuck's stomach to pore over and tells Sarah to call the director and inform him they have a "Priority Code Orange." You'll understand if color-coded alerts have lost all meaning for me. Chuck weakly tries to talk about how Ellie and Morgan are waiting for him, but Casey breathes that China's top spy is in L.A., and they don't know why, and figuring that out is their top priority. He slaps the files into Chuck's gut again for emphasis. Chuck, I'm going to be wecapping all night instead of watching Heroes, so we're kind of in the same boat. Except for the stomach pain and the fact that I won't have to deal with Morgan tomorrow...

...or Ellie, for that matter, who's pissed, not just about the blown evening, but also about the fact that she's the one who got stuck babysitting Morgan. And you know, that reminds me, we have not seen nearly enough of Captain Awesome yet. Well, there was that tango in a towel, but while I certainly appreciated that, that's not what I'm talking about. Chuck digs himself out by saying that Sarah was sick; Ellie, offering her medical help, asks what was the matter, but is grossed out to hear that she has a spastic colon. Chuck: "I know! A girl that beautiful with a colon that spastic!" Hee. Ellie leaves, but not before reminding Chuck that the next night is their "very own October version of Mother's Day." He says he won't miss it, but she snits, "I never figured that you would pass on sizzling shrimp either." In other words, "It's going to take more than a spastic colon to save you again, Geek-o My Brother."

Buy More. Casey beckons Chuck up for a pedeconference, and Chuck reports a negative on flashes from the files. Casey says that's all right, as they're going to tail Mei-Ling that evening and see if anything they observe triggers Chuck's memory files. Chuck's psyched for his first stakeout, and asks what he should show up with, but Casey's like, "You just bring those pretty little files in your head, sweet thing." Chuck's affronted, saying he can offer more than just the Intersect. "For instance, what are we doing for tunes tonight? I can make a stakeout mix." Hee. Casey's little grin of disbelieving amusement is awesome, but then Big Mike appears and tells "John" he needs all the green shirts in his office immediately...

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