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Chuck Versus The Sizzling Shrimp

...and then he's telling everyone that sales are down, and the team needs motivation, so they're having a twenty-four-hour sales competition -- first prize is an iPhone, down to last prize, which is getting fired. Morgan won't shut up through this whole thing...

...and then he's biffing sales pitches and offending customers right and left, causing Big Mike to accost him and tell him he's the worst salesman he's ever seen: "Vultures are circling. Get it in gear!" I think Morgan's still got a chance of beating Casey, though. A customer who drops dead of a heart attack can't buy anything. Um, I'm guessing. Anyway, Morgan's freaked... he goes to Chuck and asks for after-work help on his sales technique. Unfortunately, Chuck's got the stakeout (er, "plans with Sarah") that night, and the next night, he could only miss Mother's Day if it were a major national emergency. He looks at Morgan: " speak." Hee. Morgan begs Chuck, even modifying the famous "Help me, Obi-wan Kenobi" line from Star Wars for his own purposes. Seems like the Nerd Honor Code would only allow you to bust that out like, twice in a lifetime, but I suppose he is pretty desperate. Chuck offers to try to wrap up with Sarah early enough to come back and help Morgan, and Morgan's psyched. Chuck, not so much.

Car. Casey notices a "bogey" approaching them from behind; he and Sarah get weapons ready -- but it's just a delivery of sizzling shrimp for "Mr. Carmichael." Heh, love the callback to the name he tried with La Cuidad. Casey informs Chuck that the idea behind a stakeout is to remain inconspicuous. Chuck: "Hello! That's why I used an alias!" Hee. It's no dumber than most of the shit Sydney Bristow pulled, anyway. The three of them then see a limo pull up, and from inside the restaurant emerge a bunch of goons with an older guy in a wheelchair. Casey tells us that the guy's name is Ben Lo Pan, and he's a local businessman big-shot who owns half of Chinatown. He's also the guy who played the maitre d' on Seinfeld who told Jerry he'd have a table for him in "about ten minutes" on four hundred separate occasions in the same evening. God, I love that guy. Okay, fine, his surname is also a shout-out to the character, David Lo Pan, that the actor, James Hong, played in Big Trouble In Little China. I still like my reference better. ["I just want to add that James Hong has 318 credits in his IMDB profile, going back to 1955. That represents an average of a little more than six appearances per year, or a little more than one every two months, year in and year out, for more than fifty years. And in many cases, one of those 318 credits is actually a set of two or four or eight appearances on one show, meaning that in reality, he's probably been showing up somewhere on screen something like every six weeks since fifteen years before I was born. In case you think he might be slowing down now that he's 78 years old, he's already rung up seven 2007 credits, so he's right on target. Holy longevity, dude." -- Miss Alli]

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