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Chuck Versus The Sizzling Shrimp

Anyway, the goons load Lo Pan into the limo, and after they pull away, we see Mei-Ling appear and pursue it on a motorcycle. Our spies do likewise, but not before Casey puts a meat hook over Chuck's babbling face and pushes him back out of frame. Hee.

When everyone gets wherever they're going, Chuck focuses in on the weapons Mei-Ling is assembling and realizes they're Chinese Army-issue pistols. As she climbs up to a nearby roof, Chuck theorizes that she's there to assassinate Lo Pan, and Sarah realizes they can't afford to wait for the local law to arrive. Casey notes that it's paramount that they take Mei-Ling alive, and he and Sarah get out while ordering Chuck to pull the car around front and stay in it.

Morgan shows up at Ellie's, to her dismay; he whiningly tries to get her to help him in Chuck's stead, but she has less than no sympathy for him and kicks him out. Love her.

Chuck's in the car, hilariously trying to eat shrimp with chopsticks, talking to them, jamming to "Private Eyes" (which: HEE, not least because of the callback to Veronica Mars). He enthuses, "Stakeouts are kind of fun!" They are when you're on them, my boy.

Apparently, Lo Pan and company are in some crowded bar that's only accessible from an indoor hallway. The bouncer asks Sarah and Casey if they're on the list; not liking the way Casey reaches for his pocket, he draws a gun and orders them against the wall. Sarah tries to tell him his boss in is danger, but that doesn't go anywhere, so Casey takes the guy down. More efficient and more fun!

Lo Pan is at a table inside when Mei-Ling shows up. Sarah appears just in time to yell a warning before Mei-Ling starts shooting, and then it's chaos, compounded by the fact that Lo Pan's people think Sarah and Casey are on Mei-Ling's side. Sarah realizes this and warns Casey not to shoot to kill, causing him to snarl, "I hate being nice!" And that's why we love you. Well, that's Reason Number 57, anyway.

In the car, Chuck hears the gunshots, but for once he obeys orders and stays where he is.

Lo Pan makes it out to the front, but it seems like all the goons nearest to him have fallen, so Chuck gets out and wheels him to his car. Meanwhile, inside, a couple guys retrieve a bound and gagged Lee as Mei-Ling avoids getting shot with some acrobatic moves. Some of Lo Pan's goons eventually appear and help him into the car; Chuck thinks he did good until two guys appear with Lee and shove him in the trunk. I'm guessing they're showing their gratitude to Chuck by not tossing him in there as well. Mei-Ling then appears and shoots at the kidnappers, but they escape. She almost shoots Chuck too, but asks where they're taking Lee. He of course doesn't know -- he was just trying to help an old guy in a wheelchair..."who...puts people in trunks." Mei-Ling: "You idiot." I think he's actually gotten that one on his own. What he didn't know, however, is that Lo Pan is "Triad" -- Chinese Mafia, and he kidnapped her brother, whom she was trying to rescue. Chuck and Casey then appear, and Mei-Ling makes herself scarce. Chuck laments his role in FUBARing the operation: "I blew it!" Probably still better than an evening of Morgan, though.

When Chuck emerges from his place in the morning, Casey is waiting for him, and he tells him that Washington confirmed Mei-Ling's story -- her brother is a low-level Beijing bureaucrat who was on a business trip to L.A., and the Triad is now demanding the release of one of their captains from imprisonment in China. The government refused, and Mei-Ling went rogue in an attempt to retrieve her brother. Chuck asks what they do now, but Casey informs him that it's not their problem -- if the "Chi-Coms" don't even care about Lee, why should they? Chuck turns to Sarah, but she's of like mind -- she knows how Chuck feels, and she felt the same way when she started, "but the truth is we can't save everyone, Chuck." Chuck's got a look on his face like, "I'm having a bad enough day without you making me think of my springer spaniel again, okay?"

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